is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

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  3. is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#31
Get her the XL.

There's no reason not to and the size of the hands is irrelevant.

User Info: Twilightwolf444

4 years ago#32
I don't know about other women, I'm happy with my Aqua Blue Ambassador 3DS. I don't really care for the 3DS XL one.
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User Info: yukito

4 years ago#33
I have a regular 3ds and plan to get an xl soon. I don't think there is any specific generalization you can draw here. You know your friend better than we do, so think about her playing habits and preference in handhelds.

Either way I don't think she'll be upset, since hey fee 3ds.
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User Info: CrimsonRoyal

4 years ago#34
My gf says the normal one I let her play with is too small for her. She says she wants it extra large and preferably black. My normal one just can't satisfy her :(
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User Info: AlbinoGerbil

4 years ago#36
My daughter wants the XL.
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User Info: Nickf42

4 years ago#37
Yes, unless you have a girlfriend XL.
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User Info: Spirit_of_Auron

4 years ago#38
While I"m personally wanting the 3DS XL myself(27 year old female gamer) I'm waiting to see if more colors come out first. Probably more apt right now to get the Midnight Purple 3DS to go with my Aqua blue one first over getting a red or blue XL atm.(only reason i have the aqua blue is because of the ambassador program, would have otherwise waited until the midnight purple came out in the first place)
Female videogamer, FFX/FFX-2 fan. FC: 4126 6473 3209 Pokemon Black

User Info: KillingHarder

4 years ago#39
...strangely enough I have both versions and do prefer my midnight purple 3DS. It fits in my pocket while the XL does not.
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User Info: Northern_Rose

4 years ago#40
Im a woman and I upgraded from a DS Lite to a DSi XL and havent touched my lite since. I held off getting a 3DS because you knew an XL model was coming due to the success of the dsI XL. When the 3DS XL came out, I finally got a 3DS.

The Lite's are better for people on the go, that always take their 3DS everywhere they go and play it when and where they can. The XL's are more suited for play at home and for someone who doesnt take it with them all the time or play it in public.

Having said that I still take mine in my purse just to try and get SP's but I just play Angry Birds on my phone when out and about.

I dont think a persons sex has anything to do with it, its just personal tastes, much like anything else.
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  3. is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

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