Why am I not allowed to like and own only the regular 3DS?

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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

5 years ago#51
MetalLoki posted...
So many people here are basically insulting others for not owning something they don't want, why? Am I not allowed to have a preference?

You are. Forget those people you are talking about. They smell.
If you need to see everything wrong with gamers and their (lack of) maturity, come visit a gaming message board.

User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#52
Darklit_Requiem posted...
You're allowed to have your preferences, and we're allowed to laugh at how horrible your preference is. It goes both ways.

but its not horrible only ignorance tells you that
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User Info: Starwars4J

5 years ago#53
Darklit_Requiem posted...
D: stop questioning me, insulting people is fun

There's honestly something pathologically wrong with thinking like this. In all honesty you should go see a therapist if you really feel this way.
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User Info: diving_devil46

5 years ago#54
I wish I had an XL to be honest.

I have a regular original release. It's fine, works well and if you don't use the 3D the battery life is fine.

But I have demoed a XL several times and it does feel better in a home environment.

For travelling however, I personally prefer the smaller 3DS. I realise the XL is still portable etc but it just feels a little too big for my pocket to carry around.

User Info: vecryn

5 years ago#55
I like my 3ds, it's purple and I don't need it to be XL. I got mine free and it plays 3ds games, who cares if there is an upgraded form of the system now... it's a waste of money if you already have a 3ds to begin with. If you don't, and you have to pay for the system, then the XL would probably be a better choice just because a bigger screen would be nice. It's not really that big of a deal though

User Info: yukito

5 years ago#56
You are allowed to like and own only the regular 3DS, unless the police have arrested you and confiscated your handheld.

Other people just like to see jimmies rustled. Ignore it and be confident in your gaming preferences, because they aren't going to stop trying to get a rise out of you any time soon.
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User Info: RicardoSForever

5 years ago#57
Besides the bigger screens, and that my hands are a little big for the plain 3DS, I don't mind not having an XL. If I could trade my 3DS for a XL one, no extra charge (or, at least, for a bargain), I would for sure.
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User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#58
You are, it's just the folk who bought the XL's are compensating for things and they try to insult you for having a smaller anything to make up for that you clearly don't need to compensate for anything.

User Info: Evonfire

5 years ago#59
The XL is great and the only flaw it has is weaker system sound. Everything is perfect and coming from someone who is use to HD Gaming on a 46" TV even the XL screen seems too small sometimes. I'm definitly one of those "bigger is better" type people when it comes to my gaming. And I would seriously question anyone who would choose a regular 3ds versus an XL if they were buying a 3DS for the first time. But TC to each is own and the regular 3ds has a lot od really cool colors and other advantages, I just happen to only care about screen size and I get the feeling I'm not alone on this.
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User Info: Captain45452

5 years ago#60
DarkIVloon posted...
dvd's are so 1999, they got blurays now son
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