What's your most anticipated 3ds game next year?

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User Info: Lunir

5 years ago#31
I want to say the ShinMegamiTen, although they are not confirmed here so... Fire Emblem because I love theseies, although I'm not very good at, and Animal Crossing because I'm going to play with my bro and my mom (:
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User Info: wisemidds

5 years ago#32
Luigis mansion 2
Animal Crossing
And maybe Castlevania.
The first 2 have been delayed as Nintendo has nothing to release and the third is a maybe....... Not looking good for my 3DS unless anything Zelda, Smash Bros, Metroid or Starfox like makes an appearance. Would even take SNES games on eshop as a big plus but that doesn't look likely.
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User Info: jestersoup

5 years ago#33
andizzle29662 posted...
Mine is a tie between fire emblem and animal crossing.

Same, but I'm often a little more excited for AC.
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User Info: RaccoonCity

5 years ago#34
Animal Crossing so hard.

User Info: mmc2679

5 years ago#35
FIRE EMBLEM! Sorry...I am very excited to be able finally able to play it.
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  3. What's your most anticipated 3ds game next year?

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