remove the anime obstruction in our video games!

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User Info: KeleenRem

5 years ago#71
I was being serious... Every other tv show gets their own dang games, why doesn't Drama? Where's my Boys Over Flower 3DS?

User Info: GrandCollapse

5 years ago#72
wouldn't be better if you dislike these kind of games where it is "anime" like, simply to stay clear of it?
What is the point of ranting on it? Every game has it own market. If the demand for that market decreases, so does the production of these kind of games.
As long people want that kind of game, they will keep on making games of the genre.
Just because one person completely disagrees with that, doesn't mean that they should stop it.
It's sad that a minority want something different, but most producers want something that they can make money out of it.

TS is a fail troll.
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User Info: evilvergil

5 years ago#73
Argh4430 posted...
The worst thing to happen to Castlevania was the art shift into anime. That is a series that does not need it. Even the premature move into 3D with the N64 installments was a better idea than having Charlotte act like a Tsundere, and Hammer acting like a buffoon. Hell, even if those characters stayed the same, with only their art changed, I wouldn't have mind.

Am i the only one that likes the anime artstyle in Castlevania?Although i do think they went overboard with it in Judgement(did you see what they did to Maria?!). But yea i like the artstyle of the ds each their own*shrugs* But i admit i prefer the old artstyle, Lords of shadow did it right but im not really a fan of the god of war esque gameplay.

Plus iirc didnt Rondo of blood had an anime-like artstyle?

User Info: Cholo6

5 years ago#74
I know what TC is talking about. Anime has become trite. I like some films like Akira, ExMachina and Vexile and video games like the Tales series use Anime justifiably. However, I find it annoying when I see a franchise adopt a generic Anime style like Transformers did. I used to feel the same way about Castlevania, but it's grown on me over the years.

User Info: KojaxFX

5 years ago#75
lol anime is fun. Fan service is fun. I like anime....because good anime can often be more creative than anything on FOX
(message deleted)

User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#77
Meh, anime is easy to draw into current engines, it was extremely popular in the ps1/ps2 era because realistic looking characters were incredibly hard to render, thats also why old games tended to have anthropomorphic animals rather than humans, give it one more gen and I'm sure the anime art style will die off a bit.

User Info: Zignoff

5 years ago#78
Yet, more people seeming to not figure that in general what Anime REALLY is, which isn't really surprising, knowing what anime TRULY is, it is hard, it took years of spending time with both to really know what the difference is, what really seperates these items is not the art, but something a little more.. well of depth.

Look I'm a cartoonist, and I work on my own webcomic, I have worked on making games, and I have my own anime I am making and have been for over 20 years making it it's own, I have plans to eventually start it as well once everything is put together well enough.

Look anime and cartoons from a purely artistic side of the art work itself is fundimentally the same. Head, Body, Arms, and Legs. Design choices make them what they are.

Let me give an example maybe to put it more clearly if I can.

Take for example, what makes Bugs Bunnys and Ren and Stimpy different form each other? Other then Art? nothing, they are basically cartoons, but what makes them "Cartoons?" it's not the art as much as the content of the them, You see bugs bunny and you see a rabbit, when you watch an episode of Bugs Bunny, you see a 7 minute joke, nothing really more. That's really as deep as Looney Toons got, same with Ren and Stimpy, the world was a long 7-14 minute joke.

They never evolve, their concept is straight forward and always the same. That is what really makes them cartoons. Now I'm not saying that because they are short is what makes them cartoons, it's their content.

Next, take something like Popeye and Astroboy, now honestly both have unique character designs, but technically, the art to design their characters is basically the same, anatomy doesn't change THAT drastically, The body is the same. What makes them is their depth, the world they come from, Astroboys world is alive, constantly changing and telling a story, popeye is about 7 minute jokes where the characters don't evolve past their base, they stay the same, it's not about a story being told or a world discovered.

Most when they think anime seem to think it's all about big hair and big eyes, well if that true then about everything out there is technically ANIME, Disney Movies, Warner Brothers, Dream Works, Everything they do could be consider anime, due to just the art style and design, Hell if you where to take Doopy form Snow and the Seven dwarves, you could make Krillin form his design, you could make Bulma from Snow White's Design.

Fundimentally they are the Same, no what makes Anime, well ANIME, is it's designs have depth, they are crafted from the worlds they exist, the character design alone tells a story of a world, that design changes not due to a new artist styles doing the cartoon, their design changes from the world itself, the events that happen, and how it changes them and the others around them.

Anime is not something as simple as an art style in the way of how they are drawn, but what the design tells of the character and the world, how it changes. It's very hard to put what I'm trying to say into words. I'm sure some will understand, others will see me as if I was speaking gibberish, I'm not, it's just hard to define what anime is, but it isn't based of the art style alone, it's based off the design, and the depth the design and world it describes.

And due to this I see "Cartoons" like Kids next Door, and Adventure time, as more of anime then cartoons, the characters evolve, and change from the world,just like a real anime would do. So that's what I have to say.

And if this is a Joke topic, well then my comment still stands...
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

5 years ago#79
Made it to the end of the first paragraph, then started watching Elfen lied.

User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#80
MetalLoki posted...
Pururut posted...
I like hentai

Name 1 by its title or else you're lying.

why would you assume that people don't like hentai. not all of it is tentacle rape. that's like me generalizing real life porn because there's porn involving eating s***...
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