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User Info: Gamemaster64

5 years ago#51
Denizen_Of_Dark posted...
Y isnt there just a demo for everything? When most ppl are on the fence about somethin, do they just say "ah screw it" and buy it anyway?

If there was a demo for crimson shroud it might make me buy it...

Dam it!

Especially when the trailer is confusing on wth the gameplay is.
Not much of potato he said but potato he wrote.

User Info: johnluke728

5 years ago#52
MetalLoki posted...
Mariofan15 posted...
From: Gogo726 | #047
MetalLoki posted...
Darkstorm16 posted...
Now let the Unchained Blade people whine....although Ninja Gaiden people will whine saying they waited too long. Personally never played it....prefer Shinobi more

Well I guess i should be the 1 person to whine about Shantae.


I've been whining about this for quite some time. It's aggravating. How long ago was it announced? And we still don't have it.

Quite a while ago. I think the rating for it was only just approved a few months ago.

But it's up to NoA to decided when it come out which it crap in my mind.

I think I already beat some of you guys to that whining on Page 4. =P But yeah, it's stupid how long these things sit untouched before it's actually released. People have been begging for this come out and waving their money in the air, because of how much an original cartridge is going for right now, ($150+) and it's like NoA doesn't care. Are they really going to wait for a dry fiscal period before dropping the goods?

I hold a strong distaste for collectors who know something is going to sell for hundreds later on, and hold onto it until they can score a wallet-fattening profit. They're no better than scalpers in my books, just more patient. <-- Huge fan of the Shantae games? Then you should check the first fan forum that's all about the belly-dancing half-genie!

User Info: Pontificus32390

5 years ago#53
rahxephon122 posted...
MetalLoki posted...
parKb5 posted...
Lord_Diablo13 posted...
There is one thing I wanna whine about.

Why are there still DSi titles being made?

Because developers like Game Freak are still afraid of the 3DS.

When has a main Pokemon game been released on a last gen system?

Pokémon Crystal Version-2001
Game Boy Advance 2001
guess gamefreak was afraid of the GBA but this will be the last time they do this

Pokemon Emerald Version 2005
Nintendo DS 2004
guess gamefreak was afraid of the DS no I take that back this is the last time

Oh wait Black2/White2

You do realize that makes no sense what-so-ever, right?
Crystal - 3rd version to GS. They upped it from GB to GBC, but it's a lot more work to go GB to GBA.
Emerald - again, 3rd version. This time to RS. They would have ha to rework everything for it to be up to the DS's resolution, not to mention the Touch Screen they would have to work around, so it would have to come out years later for the DS.
Black2/white2: how much of the map is recycled from BW? And DS to 3DS is a pretty big jump as well. If they wanted to utilize all the systems functions, like they usually do, they would have to work around 3D and gyroscope, street pass, even AR maybe. B2W2 would've taken a few more years to come out had it been 3DS.

The third versions, which Crystal and emerald are aren't going to be too far ahead of the first two otherwise they'd have to rework the entire game.
B2W2 I'm sure was more for time constraints and to guarentee it would be compatable with BW.

Holy crap! now I want pokemon AR cards to watch pokemon battles in 3D
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