Anyone here have an XL with no screen protectors?

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  3. Anyone here have an XL with no screen protectors?

User Info: Spideymaster

4 years ago#1
I'm probably going to pick up an XL soon, and I was wondering if it would be fine not to get any screen protectors for it, seeing as how there doesn't seem to be many that actually fit the top screen well, and the ones that do are more than I'm willing to pay for them.

I AM, however, thinking of getting one for just the bottom screen, since that one is destined to get scratched up simply due to use.

Any opinions? I mean, I bought screen protectors for my Lite but not for my DSi, so I know the end result of both decisions. I'm really just worried about the bottom screen, really. That is, of course, unless the top screen on the XL is prone to scratches.
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User Info: darklinkfan55

4 years ago#2
get the screen protectors it doesnt hurt to spend a few bucks for some, and I have heard some people complaining about the touch screen scratching the top screen still, but not that many people luckily
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
4 years ago#3
i have a blue XL and i don't use a screen protector for it. what's the point? waste of money, chance of getting dust underneath it, etc.
as long as you don't scratch the screen or something, you should be fine.
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User Info: ChiefDamonGant

4 years ago#4
None of my systems aside from the original GBA ever used screen protectors. And I disliked it on the GBA, it made the screen all dark and blurry.
Honestly, the screen is the LAST place most of my systems get damaged (if at all). Smudged, yeah, but scratched never.
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User Info: TheRealMrMan

4 years ago#5
Don't bother with screen protectors.

User Info: danny5329

4 years ago#6
You see, screen protectors are just so gimmicky. I have been using screen protectors since the DS days going through DS Phat, DSi and then finally an XL. So did my regular 3DS before i got myself the XL.

It's so easy to scratch the screen protectors like they're trying to say " look what happen when u did not put any screen proc on your beloved handhelds!"

Then after i bought a 3ds XL i stop bothering with SP and even after playing gajillion times of Theathrhythm Final Fantasy, still not a single scratch on my bottom screen yet. While it is was easy to scratch the screen protectors.
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User Info: CosmoKramer4700

4 years ago#7
I have an XL without screen protectors. I have noticed some slight scratches from the touch screen beginning to form on the top screen.

I use a microfiber cloth to rest between the two screens when the system is closed. It seems to work pretty well.

The scratches are really slight, but I'm still debating getting the system repaired since....I feel like it shouldn't have the same bumper issue as the original 3DS and I've only had it fora few months. It should be covered under warranty still.
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User Info: zeldasho

4 years ago#8
I just used a spare one from my Vita, literally the same size, just had to cut a bit off the side.

I never put them on my touch screen anyway.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#9
I've had my 3DS Xl for a few months now and I only have a bottom screen protector. Not for want of trying though. I've bought two screen protector packs for the thing; the first one came with a carry case but the top screen protector was bent when I opened it and wouldn't fit on right, the second was the official Nintendo sponsored pack and the damn thing only comes with a bottom protector!

Very annoying, but I just rest a fairly thick microfibre cloth in between the screens when I close it for extended periods of time.
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User Info: Remmy8199

4 years ago#10
Screen protectors are a waste of money imo. I don't use any and mine is doing fine.
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  3. Anyone here have an XL with no screen protectors?

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