Can we deduce that Majora's Mask > Ocarina Of Time ?

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  3. Can we deduce that Majora's Mask > Ocarina Of Time ?

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#101
It's my favourite 3D zelda, so yes. I'd say personally it is a more desirable game than Ocarina.

I liked it because it was dripping with personality compared to OoT. It was a very personal, very dark game filled with things that I like in Zelda games. - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#102
I voted "No", only thing that got me on stopping on MM were the saves.
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User Info: UnderratedGamer

4 years ago#103
slowbrosif posted...
UnderratedGamer posted...
slowbrosif posted...
UnderratedGamer posted...
aLttP > OoS/OoA > Majora's Mask > OoT > LA > Zelda > SS > WW > Zelda 2 > TP

I personally think TP is pretty overrated. It's all opinionated though.

awful ranking

In your opinion. You probably have awful ranking in my taste too.

Yes. For me it goes as follows.

WW > aLttP > OoT > LA > MM > TP > Zelda > OoS/OoA > SS > Zelda 2

Meh, I actually can agree with some things on yours. The only thing I'm indifferent about is TP and OoS/OoA. Otherwise I can kind of see the reason for your list, even if it isn't my own.
"Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived." - Isaac Asimov
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  3. Can we deduce that Majora's Mask > Ocarina Of Time ?

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