Can we deduce that Majora's Mask > Ocarina Of Time ?

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User Info: Tat77

5 years ago#91
Robot_Soopa posted...
Majora's Mask is art.

The kind of themes it deals with the emotion and symbolism. The way each character is given a real life and personality.

It's such a magnificent experience and I find something new to appreciate every time I go back and play it.

I honestly don't even think Nintendo intended to make Majora's Mask as good as it is. I could discuss Majora's Mask for days.

This. Majora's Mask is just so deep, beautiful, and sad. It's honestly my favorite game of all time. Ocarina is still amazing, but Majora's Mask is better.

User Info: slowbrosif

5 years ago#92
UnderratedGamer posted...
slowbrosif posted...
UnderratedGamer posted...
aLttP > OoS/OoA > Majora's Mask > OoT > LA > Zelda > SS > WW > Zelda 2 > TP

I personally think TP is pretty overrated. It's all opinionated though.

awful ranking

In your opinion. You probably have awful ranking in my taste too.

Yes. For me it goes as follows.

WW > aLttP > OoT > LA > MM > TP > Zelda > OoS/OoA > SS > Zelda 2

User Info: Charftino

5 years ago#93
No not ever. Oot FTW!
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User Info: COlimar788

5 years ago#94
MM > OoT > WW > SS > TP

Can't really say any of that objectively, though, for obvious reasons. So I'll just say that Majora's Mask has much more developed characters and a much more interesting storyline than Ocarina of Time and leave it at that.
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User Info: danielmg

5 years ago#95
Majora's Mask makes me sad. I hate the game structure. It was the only N64 game I bought and didn't want to finish.

User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
5 years ago#96
Wow the poll is pretty divided. I'd have to say no because:

1. The 3 day-system thing is unique, but it makes some quests a pretty huge hassle. As a result, I don't like it too much. It's not enough to break the game for me, but I'd put Orcarina of Time over Majora's just because of it.

2. It's much shorter.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

5 years ago#97
When it comes to the 3D Zelda games

OoT > WW > SS > MM > TP
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#99
I can't stand games that restrict you to playing with a time countdown or within a certain amount of days.

I loved the personality of the game but if it was multiple towns and the Time had nothing to do with it, it would have been even better.

User Info: Frozenx07

4 years ago#100
Robot_Soopa posted...
Frozenx07 posted...
I didn't realize so many people like Majora's Mask. For me, it's the only Zelda I don't like. I can't get through it. I always run out of time. It destroyed what I loved about Zelda: exploration. The game punished me for playing it. Couldn't even beat the first dungeon.


That's the entire point. You're supposed to feel that impending dread. The exploration was there but you had to make a sacrifice. You can explore this area and do everything there is to do but you miss out on this over here. You're not supposed to use the three days to finish three dungeons. You pick one area and you progress forward with it.

It's possibly the most content heavy, explorable and replayable Zelda there is.

I understand that it's the entire point of the game. That's why I didn't like it. I will definitely get the game another shot though, but not anytime soon. LOL
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