The Region Lock: Why?

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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#41
1998_z posted...
apolloooo posted...

Not sure if serious.

Also, if they didn't invent the region lock for the first place it might sell more than this.

No, it really is money. To control prices. Nintendo said it themselves.
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User Info: parKb5

4 years ago#42
Region Locking stinks in my case.

My wife is Japanese and likes to play Japanese games (of course, because they are so many more of them!)but we live in the US. When the DS was around, it was easy. I just bought her a pink DS Lite and then I would import games from Play Asia, eBay or where ever for her to play. With the 3DS is it really hard because I have to get her a Japanese 3DS which I can't find anywhere in the US (thanks Nintendo) and my only choice is to import it for like $250.00 + from some third party company (it is not like Nintendo is getting the money) which makes her think twice about getting one.

If I could buy her a used NA 3DS for like $100.00 she would be all over it and then be importing games like crazy, but paying over twice that amount and shipping a breakable electronic internationally not something that she really wants to do.

So Nintendo lost out on a sale and the countless games that she would be importing as we speak.
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User Info: silenthill4vid

4 years ago#43
yes, region locking is crap b0is. but seriously, if you care enough to play jpn games importing the system isnt much more trouble. i chose only to have a jpn 3ds and im fine with dat,
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User Info: PSOGuy25

4 years ago#44
i import cuz 1. the game might not be available here and/or 2. id rather have a game with case and manual and hard copy of the game than hacing a digital version, even if this means paying more.

i imported final fantasy type-0 for psp earlier this year for my bday, and the game STILL has no official news for being released here in usa and it came out in oct 2011. theres many games i still need to get imported, but due to the price of many, i dont get em often. been meaning to get project diva 1-3 on psp, the 2 ouendan games for ds, the 2 psp yakuza games, tokyo jungle for ps3 released on psn here but on disc in japan, and ff3 for psp, since english is built into the game, but i refuse to buy the game on psn for $10, when its around $30 on umd from japan.

many oldschool gamers like me would rather pay more money for a full game with packaging, than less for a digital copy. as it is, the 3ds i mentioned i bought comes with mario 3d land, installed! it doesnt come with a docking station, so id really like to know why they couldnt have just put the cart w/ the paper case in the 3ds package: like they did for the ds games? i plan to get the game on cart eventually, but until then i guess the digital version will suffice.
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#45
Greed. import multiple expensive 3DS's from other regions just to play a certain game you like or want to try.
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User Info: FredSavage27

4 years ago#46
silenthill4vid posted...
yes, region locking is crap b0is. but seriously, if you care enough to play jpn games importing the system isnt much more trouble. i chose only to have a jpn 3ds and im fine with dat,

I've only ever imported five video games from two series. If they make another Kurukuru Kururin or Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan game, I'm not going to pay $200 for it.

User Info: blue_man

4 years ago#47
Aaantlion posted...
From: blue_man | #034
You realise the pricing difference is probably balanced out by the shipping costs? As a UK gamer I only import games from the US if they're:

E-shop titles have no shipping cost. Plus games don't cost $20+ to ship...

When you really only save less than
£5 and shipping is around $10 to import. It isn't cost effective to import. Also I wouldn't buy us games to save a few pounds as they have no resale value and just make my games collections look ugly. For downloadable games. The complications of being able to save peanuts is not worth it
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User Info: RJGamer1990

4 years ago#48
IHeartMetroid posted...
In most cases for the DS, it was cheaper to import from US to AU.

Quite frankly, I don't believe you. Especially given that I know for a fact that importers take advantage of import scarcity to rack up prices, I find it absolutely impossible to believe that it's significantly cheaper and easier to pay international air freight shipping from a foreign country, as opposed to walking across a street and just picking up a game.

Furthermore, the issue of importing non-Asian language games was already touched upon earlier, so I have no idea why you keep ridiculously bringing it up. Seriously, read the thread.

I find your repeated failed arguments to be tiresome and flawed.

Look dude I have only imported one Japanese game and that's JUMP!
I also have imported heaps of games from the US most of my PSP and DS library is US games simply because it is cheaper I ordered in bulk and I got 1 controller, and about 10-15 games for $280AUD where if I bought it all local I woulda paid well into the $500AUD that's a lot of money for me and anyone so before you act like an ignorant tosser learn your basics.

User Info: Second_Chances

4 years ago#49
To prevent reverse importing. It's not hard to play games you can understand a lick of text or speech in at all, and the Japanese certainly aren't unfamiliar with English.

User Info: EM_Mega

4 years ago#50
IHeartMetroid posted...
SF_Baha posted...
Games don't cost the same amount of money in all regions. Without region locking, regions that pay higher prices for games, such as Australia and Japan, could import games from other regions for cheaper, cutting the developer's profits.

Nintendo was smart to region lock. Who can blame them? Any strategy that maximizes profit is a sound strategy.

Except of course that international shipping for these imports, coupled with the already steep language barriers that often accompanies importing, reduces or eliminates any cost savings that someone could take advantage of instead of, say, walking across the street to purchase a game.

Seriously- when have you ever actually heard anyone in real life say "I paid for international shipping to buy this game just so I could pay slightly less for it"? No- the reason why people import is because they aren't available over here. Whether it's because it's a niche title (like some anime games) or just because of sheer company stupidity (the refusal to localize Xenoblade, Last Window, Another Code R or The Last Story), cost savings is, quite frankly, only a rather weak excuse.

Bear in mind that Nintendo's most successful system/handheld (the Game Boy/DS line) had complete and unfettered access to every single game from every single region all the way up until this last generation- and yet it not only remained Nintendo's most successful handheld, but it dominated the industry and quite literally kept them afloat when Nintendo's console systems (which were region locked) were floundering.

Have you never seen prices in Australia? It's significantly better now, but I remember for a long time when Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was STILL 80$ there all up until Ultimate dropped.

Even with international shipping, with how cheap MvC3 was getting importing it would've saved anyone 30-40 easily.
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