The Region Lock: Why?

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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#71
because gamefaqs.
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User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#72
KAMMYqueen posted...
why are we still whineing about it:why?

Oh, did the legitimate, serious problem of not being able to import video games in the face of Nintendo becoming increasingly stingy with localizations released for Europe, Australia, United States, etc. suddenly become fixed? Because that's the only reason I would expect someone to be so dismissive of something that is, as a matter of fact, a big problem.

I hope everyone who enjoyed Elite Beat Agents, one of the best DS games ever made, realizes that importing is the only reason you ever were able to play that.
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User Info: FredSavage27

4 years ago#73
SF_Baha posted...
Keep telling yourself that. I look forward to living in a ten star mansion surrounded by a moat and a private helipad made of solid diamond. All those things exist, so I clearly deserve them and will some day have them, no matter what!


And that's exactly the same as paying $60 to play a video game in another language.

User Info: Aaantlion

4 years ago#74
From: Kaze_Memaryu | #038
2. Or so they think - a local market which doesn't have a game can't support it, of course. And sales measurement can be extended by taking a closer look at import/export shippings.

There's no way to actually track import/export with the exception of Western retailers ordering direct. Otherwise, imports cannibalize local markets for localizations. Somebody who already imported a title is less inclined to get the localized release as well.

3. That's not Nintendo's decision. If no publisher wants to translate a game, it won't release. Sadly, most publisher's think that a title about groping witches would fail horribly outside japan.

Nintendo chooses what it wants to license on its systems. Subsequently, the regional division could opt to not license for localization games that it feels may hurt the brand. Otherwise, yes, another component is finding a willing publisher.

4. That makes absolutely no sense. Region-locking calls hackers to duty to seek out a security hole they can use to undermine it. If it wasn't there in the first place, hackers would be less inclined to hack the 3DS, since there's no specific goal other than piracy (which will always be a goal to some...)

That makes no sense. It's the equivalent of blaming rape victims for wearing short skirts. Hackers will always be inclined to crack devices so they can homebrew and pirate. There's no "greater call to action" as a result of region-locking.

Furthermore, region-locks provide one additional security layer to block piracy. It's far easier to get a pirated game to work on a non-region-locked system.

User Info: Aaantlion

4 years ago#75
From: blue_man | #047
Aaantlion posted...
From: blue_man | #034
You realise the pricing difference is probably balanced out by the shipping costs? As a UK gamer I only import games from the US if they're:

E-shop titles have no shipping cost. Plus games don't cost $20+ to ship...

When you really only save less than
£5 and shipping is around $10 to import. It isn't cost effective to import. Also I wouldn't buy us games to save a few pounds as they have no resale value and just make my games collections look ugly. For downloadable games. The complications of being able to save peanuts is not worth it

Having games on your unit itself makes your collect look ugly? How does that logic work?

User Info: BountyAssassin

4 years ago#76
what is region lock?

Im currently about to get the 3ds and it seems this is a problem or something?

User Info: anon_fire

4 years ago#77
Region locking never bothered me one bit.

User Info: parKb5

4 years ago#78
PokeMaster posted...
because gamefaqs.

Well, you are Japanese. Region locking doesn't affect you one bit.
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User Info: 21_21

4 years ago#79
BountyAssassin posted...
what is region lock?

Im currently about to get the 3ds and it seems this is a problem or something?

When a console or a handheld is region locked, it means you can't buy games from other regions. For example, if you have a North American 3DS, you won't be able to play Japanese or European 3DS games on it, and same applies to other regions. So you can imagine this to be a problem to anyone who's a frequent importer.

Since you're not familiar with the term, I assume this is not really a problem for you unless you actually love playing games from other regions.
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User Info: _Izanagi_

4 years ago#80
I see Baha still has a hard-on for region locking.

Baha, look at it this way. They don't release a game here in America. I still play it through... "alternative" means. Now Ninty gets no monies and I still play the game. Now who's losing money?
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