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User Info: Prince_Pyro

5 years ago#81
Patayin posted...
DrOrpheus42 posted...
Everybody who says they're getting a confirmation email... Is that on your first order made before it temporarily went out of stock? Or did you place a second order after it was available again, and that one went through?

Eh, I kinda wanted 2 cases anyway, maybe I'll just order another with the 255 I've got left.

I just got confirmation for the order I placed when it first came out at 9:30am. And my order status just changed from Order Problem to Processing Order.

Same here. I was on the phone with NoA Support, and in the few minutes between the time I called and the time she got my account info, the "Order Problems" had sorted themselves out.

My guess is that the sheer volume of orders probably overloaded their system.

I've got both my confirmation emails, so I'm satisfied.
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User Info: FKRW4Life

5 years ago#82
2nd time it was available
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User Info: TinyTim123

5 years ago#83
Beysus posted...

*orders another one just to be safe*

Why thank you, Beysus.
I have theoretically managed to order one...

HOPEFULLY it'll happen. If not... well, I dunno.

I'm going to quit staring at it, order a Metroid 2 as well, and then just go about my day

User Info: NearR

5 years ago#84
Uhg still got an 'Order Problem'
Boomers are so cute!

User Info: DrOrpheus42

5 years ago#85
AAAAAAHHH There we go!

Email received, and my account page is updated! Maybe they just took their time to troll me for panicking and sending an email as soon as the glitch happened. Well, that was embarrassingly stressful.

User Info: Northern_Rose

5 years ago#86
pikachupwnage posted...
Beysus posted...
First one: Order Problem

Second one: Preparing Order

Exactly the same with me :D :(

Same with me so I called Nintendo support and explained things to them, how it was up, then sold out then back up. That I just want 1 case and am now out 500 coins. She transferred my call to admin and the second orders are going through, anyone that made a first order and got the order problem message if you call they will refund the first 250 coins.

So now I got my 250 coins back for the first one that didnt work and I got an order for the case that will be shipped.

Nintendo admin also says they have LOTS of them. I guess we just caused some sort of prob with everyone trying to order em at once lol. So ya they are safe to order now.

Anyone like me that ordered 2 and lost 500 coins but just wants 1 case, that has an order problem and an order pending, needs to call Nintendo support and they will return the first 250 coins, but you MUST call them.
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User Info: SW_FFXIfan

5 years ago#87
Getting one off kijiji for $5!
LoL IGN: Butch Magnus

User Info: Dinglesteed

5 years ago#88
Both my previous 2 cases are now preparing. Thanks, Nintendo! I was worried lol.
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User Info: YEMbot

5 years ago#89
I got mine, thanks for the heads up!
"First come smiles, then lies. Last comes gunfire." -Roland Deschain, of Gilead

User Info: SW_FFXIfan

5 years ago#90
How long does it usually take for club nintendo stuff to arrive?
LoL IGN: Butch Magnus
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