So, what'd you get for Christmas?

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User Info: dcamp27

4 years ago#41
I only got Resident Evil 6 for PS3 but I'm happy with that. I wanted to get a 3DS for my 10 year old niece, but she wanted a tablet instead for the dumb "free" games. I tried talking her out of it but to no avail. She's not really a gamer anyway.

User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#42

At least they were Lord of the Rings Special Edition ones. And the Hobbit Special Edition.

And this was just from my parents and sister. I still have yet to receive the gift from relatives. (One of them might be a NERF gun)

But I don't really care at this point, I couldn't get anything for them because bills. It sucks sometimes... ;_;
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User Info: Kanedawa251

4 years ago#44
-Red 3DS XL
-New Super Mario Bros. 2
-Super Mario 3D Land
-3DS XL Essentials Kit
-2 Xbox Live points cards
-back massaging pillow
-pajama bottoms
-Instabulb lamps

Both of those games are ludicrously addicting even though I'm not much of a Mario fan. I haven't gotten around to opening the essentials kit just yet but it has some pretty interesting stuff, like a USB charger and an audio splitter.

Excellent Christmas this year.
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User Info: king_reggie_28

4 years ago#45
For gaming related stuff, I got ZombiU, NSMBU, Just dance 4, And a $20 gift card for GameStop. Pretty awesome.
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#46
2 t-shirts and $250+. Money is going toward Fire Emblem, Sonic All-Star racing, and season 4 of Case Closed. Maybe even will get Elfan Lied (spelled wrong. :p ).
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#47
- 3DS XL (blue)
- Super Mario 3D Land
- Money (will probably buy a 3DS/DS game or two to get me started)

Bought myself
- 2K Super Strategy Pack (PC)
- Hunger Games (Hardcover)
- My Games -
- My Books -

User Info: pedodleche

4 years ago#48
Game-wise I got Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 and Crysis 2 for PC. Gaming unrelated, I got some toiletries and a travel mug, and some cash. Cash is great, oh some t-shirts as well.

User Info: majora123

4 years ago#49
I got a Gamepad Pro and I'm going to use the $20 I won on a scratch ticket to buy an eshop card. Being an adult I didn't get much (mostly cloths), but I loved what I got .
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#50
Theatrhythm, NSMB2 and PM:SS, and a $20 card for 3DS DLC.... spent it all on theatrhythm, and i havent even put the other 2 in my 3DS... and i probably wont for a few weeks...
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