Upgrading to 3DS XL? System Transfer, etc

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User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#1
There's a Gamestop deal for Power-Up members right now, 100% bonus trade in credit for all systems.

So if my last price quote is right, that puts the 3DS at getting about $180, right? ($90 normally).

I'd be $20 shy of getting a 3DS XL.

If anyone's done so before, is Gamestop (or your local game store) chill about you taking the time to do the system transfer? Does it take much time? I know the system has a bit of battery life in it out of the box, but will it be enough?
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User Info: PyroNinja2

4 years ago#2
I don't know about GameStop or anything but the System Transfer is no longer than like 15 minutes if I can remember correctly... (I don't see why they wouldn't let you transfer your data from any console)

Only thing is, both handhelds need to be updated to the latest firmware. May cause you some issues right there.
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User Info: Boosen

4 years ago#3
If you have a smartphone that lets you do tethering, just let your 3DS connect to that update your 3DS's if necessary. After, it only requires your 3DS's to be connected to the same router/device and then it will transfer.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#4
Sounds like a solid deal (surprising for gamestop lol). I don't see why they wouldn't let you do it. Just make sure it's a dead day, like a Tuesday afternoon, and I'm sure they would be cool with letting you do it.
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User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#5
Ugh my cell doesn't tether. I am pretty solid with the GM at my local GS. Been shopping there since I was 12 and he's been there the whole time.

I wonder if the store has a closed wifi system they could hook the systems to.
PSN - Dagdamor3725
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