Games that would make you scream if they got announced

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User Info: graysnake31

4 years ago#61
A Remake of Super Metroid from the Super Nintendo.

User Info: Lethal13

4 years ago#62
In order of Screamage Top is the loudest, bottom is the lowest

Golden Sun 4
Final Fantasy VI Remake
Advance Wars 5 (following on from the first 3 not days of ruin)
New Metroid (2D)
Final Fantasy V Remake
Mario and Luigi 4

User Info: Lan915

4 years ago#63
graysnake31 posted...
A Remake of Super Metroid from the Super Nintendo.

This and a Super Mario RPG remake for 3DS.

User Info: giftofthementor

4 years ago#64
FE7 or FE8 in the eShop

Port/Remake of FFTactics
Remake of FF6
Port/Remake of FF7
Port/Remake of Earthbound

Port of Secret of Evermore

Sequel to Star Wars Battlefront
Sequel to Dynasty Warriors
Sequel to NBA Street
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User Info: Relias27

4 years ago#65
Hmmm so many


Shining Force 4

Shining Force Collection(Includes Shining Force 1,2, Game Gear Shining Force Games, Shining Force 3) Trust me if you like Tactics style RPS.. that is a lot of gaming for your dollar with hours and hours of replay value.. heck.. you may be playing it for years.

Phantasy Star 5

Sonic Adventure 3

Panzer Dragoon Collection (Includes Panzer Dragoon 1 &2 & Saga0

Shining Collection (Includes Shining in the Darkness and Shining The Holy Ark)

Blazing Heroes


Castlevania Collection (Includes Castlevaina 1,2,3, and 4)

Castlevania: Symphony of the night..

Sunset Riders... (Oh the memories.. LOL)



Magic Sword 3D

Ghosts & Goblins.. (Or whatever)


Pro Wrestling(A Winner is you :P )

Dr. Mario??

Punch Out 3D

F-Zero 3D

Square Enix

Secret of Mana 3D

Dragon Quest Monsters 3D

Tecmo Koei

Dynasty Warriors 3D

Monster Rancher 3D

User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#66
Final Fantasy V Remake
Final Fantasy VI Remake
Zelda Majora's Mask 3D
SMT Devil Survivor 2 Overclocked
Pokemon (New Gen)

User Info: Absolute__Zer0

4 years ago#67
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3D

Same overall level design, same map layout, but adapted to Twilight Princess style graphics from a 3rd person view.

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#68
Super Mario RPG 2
Mother 3 in NA
Earthbound on Virtual Console
Every Tales of game in NA
Every Fire Emblem in NA
A new old school Zelda style game.


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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#69
Another bloody Mario.
And this won't be a good scream either.
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User Info: Dalton Of Zeal

Dalton Of Zeal
4 years ago#70
I actually did scream a few months back when DQVII was announced for the 3DS.
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