Games that would make you scream if they got announced

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User Info: VideoGamer1990

4 years ago#71
I certainly hope the "scream" bit is just exaggeration, cause there really isn't a game that would make me scream for joy if they were announced. However, I would give off a highly loud and excited "YES!" for these games.

Suikoden Collection
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3
Phantasy Star 3DS
New Custom Robo
The World Ends With You 2
New Dissidia
New Megaman Battle Network
New Soulcalibur
New Castlevania game in the style of the DS versions
New Guardian Heroes
New Wario World
New Tales game
And the whole bunch of others that haven't come to mind yet, but I know I want.

On the other hand, these games would probably be the closest to "screaming in happiness".

New Breath of Fire
New Mana series game
New Mystical Ninja game
Final Fantasy Tactics 2
Vagrant Story 2

Edit: Forgot 2 other titles.

Ivalice Alliance Online / Ivalice Alliance title in the vein of Monster Hunter & Phantasy Star Online/Universe
New Summon Night Swordcraft Story game
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User Info: Azular

4 years ago#72
BrianCraigSmith posted...
1) WWF No Mercy (N64) remake EXCLUSIVELY for 3DS called WWE No Mercy.

WWF No Mercy with a 2012/2013 roster. Oh my word.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#73
Jet Set Radio Future HD

User Info: Imperfect_Dark2

4 years ago#74
Metroid Prime HDiimake
LoZ: Wind Waker HDiimake
Conduit 3

User Info: Slamslate

4 years ago#75
FFVI remake.
Any new ogre battle/tactics ogre game that continues the cliffhanger of 64's ending.
A real Banjo-Threeie.
A new Donkey Kong with Kremlings back in action.
Legend of Heroes trails FC and SC on Steam.
Maybe a new Valkyrie Profile game, but my enthusiasm for the series has waned.
A remake of Link's Awakening or hell even Link to the past would make my day.

New 2d Tomba! game.
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User Info: KenjiRyuya

4 years ago#76
Legend of Dragoon 2 (or even a well done remake of the first one)

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#77
mother 4 thats about it

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#78
A port of Front Mission 5

A U.S. release of the wii fatal frame game

A traditional survival horror Resident Evil

User Info: BloodySeraphim

4 years ago#79
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3.

only reason i got a 3ds was for the second game.

User Info: Karnage4208238

4 years ago#80
majora's mask 3D and a remake of the only great gen of pokemon games the 3rd gen
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