I'm new looking for friends

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User Info: KakarotGokuSon

4 years ago#11
I added all of you, thanks guys.

Anyone else?
Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, My real name is Goku Morin and I'm a martial artist. PSN: KakarotGokuSon

User Info: GreenSF49

4 years ago#12
Me! 3265-5850-6296

Why"d you get a new 3ds caesar!?!

idc I just hate when that happens.
Your Mom! [insert nike logo here]

User Info: blueninja4444

4 years ago#13
blueninja4444 posted...

My FC: 3411-0523-4748
My name is Mike

Keep 'em comin!
PWB's 24/7 Hardcore Champion!

User Info: PrinceBlackMage

4 years ago#14
I added all of you.My Nintendo Username is Ellio

Here's mine too though..

I believe in Jesus Christ, the savior and I'm proud of it!!
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