Pokemon Primer : From Red and Blue

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User Info: Jim200

4 years ago#1
Yes, those are the only main entry Pokemon games I've played.

I just recently got a 3DS and purchased Black (will get Black 2 when I beat Black) and it's currently shipping.

So before I get it, could you detail me the world of Pokemon since Red and Blue? I know that there are generations now, but nothing else.

How have the battle mechanics changed, the random battle repetitiveness, is there voice acting, has storytelling gone deeper, etc?

Thank You
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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#2
You've missed A LOT, especially stuff from Gen 2.

Pokemon breeding
Hold items (Things that have use in battle)
Abilities (each Pokemon has one)
Special Defense
Physical/special split
A LOT of new Pokemon
Dark and Steel types
New ways to evolve
People realizing that they can customize Pokemon by breeding them or battling with them right. (The second part has been around since gen 1, but nobody ever noticed it.)
and lots of little things.

Storywise? Black and White have the best story in the series. It still isn't super deep or anything, but it's a simple but enjoyable story that has some actual moral ambiguity. For once, everything isn't black and white.

I recommend you just jump right in without worrying too much. The game is pretty good with teaching the basics.
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#3
Lets see... there are two new types (Dark and Steel), pokemon now have abilities, the stat mechanics are different, physical and special attacks are no longer based on their type, and there os a new stat called "special defence".

Since Red and Blue? lots of evil organizations have been thwarted by 10 year olds... the games are all but stand-alone, so you will not really need to worry about missed story.

There are still random battles, however, using repels has become more convienient. There is no voice acting, and the protagonist basically only ever says yes/no. The storyline has improved quite a bit since R/B, but it still has room for improvement.
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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#4
Story up until now!

Gen 2: Team Rocket DOESN'T get back together.
Gen 3: Eco terrorists learn the error of their ways.
Gen 4: The universe ISN'T destroyed.
Not changing this until something impossible happens
Started 12/02/12

User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#5
how do I tell you this?....


Black/White ruined Pokémon forever with its 154 absolutely horrible pokémon designs


see? see how horrible they are? palette swap genies, snot nosed polar bears, candle with face that evolves into lantern with eyes, ****ING ICE CREAM CONES.....

I'd try to get a refund if I were you

Gen 2: Team Rocket DOESN'T get back together.

so how do you explain Team Rocket taking over Johto's biggest radio tower to try to contact Giovanni again?

they got back together, they just didn't get back their leader, and then got owned by a teenager, again
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User Info: Kieff_Kalina

4 years ago#6
I was so excited in Soul Silver when you got to dress up as Team Rocket!! :D I almost didn't want to progress just so I could keep the outfit!
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