New to the 3DS ranks, beginners tips?

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User Info: Luketheman5

4 years ago#1
As of today I have joined your ranks! Local store were selling the original 3DS for 55% off so I launched in with Kingdom Hearts 3D.....

Is there any must have accessories? Didn't bother with a screen protector because the stylus shouldn't really scratch the screen (or so I'm told). And I am aware of this bottom screen smudging the top screen issue, so I've put the foam it came with between the screens after use.
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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#2
Get a screen protector for the bottom screen. It goes a long way to keeping your 3DS scratch free.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#3
screen protectors are a huge waste of money dont bother.

User Info: Boney00

4 years ago#4
I agree with the above poster as you may want tap the bottom screen on occasion with your fingernail and you'll have more piece of mind about doing that if there's a screen protector.

Other things I can think to point out are: turn down the brightness to conserve battery life. You can do this at also any point in any game by pressing the home button and clicking the brightness icon. Also turn off the 3D if you're not using it and that will also conserve the battery. Our original model 3DS doesn't last as long as the XL but the trade off is it doesn't take as long to charge.

Edit: by above poster l mean lunchEATSyou if that wasn't obvious.
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