Game you most want to be announced, and game you want to get the most (2013).

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User Info: TwiliLord666

4 years ago#61
I want Kingdom Hearts 1.5 being announced for NA release. Otherwise, I also want LoZ:MM to be ported as well.

Games I want most: Fire Emblem: Awakening, and The Last of Us
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User Info: Kali587

4 years ago#62
Game I want announced: Skies of Arcadia Legends 3D

Already announced game that I want in 2013:Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

User Info: Fray_Maken

4 years ago#63
Hoping to be announced: Borderlands in some form or another

Most wanted for 2013: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Out of games with release dates for 2013)

User Info: darkrai100

4 years ago#64
One I want announced
Earthbound 3D

One I want
Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
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User Info: HeliosMagi

4 years ago#65

Monster Hunter 4 localization
Side-Scrolling Metroid game on 3DS
FPS Metroid on Wii U
Gen 6 Pokemon on 3DS, with 3D models instead of sprites.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Fire Emblem Awakening
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#66
The game I want announced most is an Earthbound / Mother 3 remake. Both games wrapped into 1 title and using the clay-like models from Earthbound's player guide with 3D effect applied to the world. Just a port would be great, but dream big, right?

The game I'm most excited for it Animal Crossing 3DS. I bought a 3DS for that game. I stopped playing Wild World as soon as it was announced, to distance myself between titles and keep it fresh when I finally play New Leaf.

But damn. It's been a much longer wait than I'd expected.
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User Info: bobfish13

4 years ago#67
games i most want announced is professor layton vs. phoenix wright and VLR sequel.

game i most looking forward to is shin megami tensei soul hackers for the 3ds.
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User Info: blackyoshi33

4 years ago#68
Games I want announced: Majora's Mask 3DS/Wii U Remake, ANY Main series Pokemon Game, New 3D Mario (like SMG)

Games I want: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN ZOMBIU! It's really the only good Wii U game out that I don't have!
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User Info: tav19

4 years ago#69
Top 5 3DS games I'd like to see announced for 2013:

1. Another 3DS Resident Evil game
2. ALttP 3D Remake
3. A Metroid 3D game
4. Mark of the Ninja 3D on eShop
5. A 3DS Bioshock game (it's along shot I know , but I think it would be awesome fighting against a Big Daddy in 3D)

3DS Games for 2013 I'd like to get

1.Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
2. Castlevania LOS: Mirror of Fate

Now there would be more games on this list, but they haven't officially been announced and are currently being rumored as coming out in 2013.

User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#70
I'm a little surprised at how many people just want more ports. haha
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