Connecticut town collecting and destroying violent video games.

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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#111
Echidneys posted...
SkittyOnWailord posted...
And apparently they're receiving gift cards when they destroy the games. I wonder if they give more than Gamestop does?

X_ULTIMA_X posted...
Sooooo what you could do is go to GameStop and buy a preowned copy of a violent game that's old and cheap around 5 bucks then cash it in for a 25$ gift card? They didn't think this through did they. I could go and buy 20 violent $5 games and get 500 bucks in gift cards? It's a triple win, your getting copies of cod burned, while making money and exploiting a stupid idea in the first place.

That link doesn't mention an exact price anywhere.

Yeah, but meals and gift cards usually range in the $10+ range, I thought this was a good idea. Spend about twenty bucks to get fifty or maybe a hundred for meals? I'm all for exploiting petty idiots for personal gain.

I wouldn't mind doing this If I lived in that state. Just as long as the gift cards can be used on anything and everything. Not spending $5 so I can get $25 at Applebees, not that I don't mind but I rather have money for bills or games.
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User Info: KHWyvern

4 years ago#112
WrestlinFan posted...
Quote:Carbuncle009 posted...
Though, just my curiosity here, how would they go about destroying digital copies of said violent game?

Destroy the computer or console I guess.


Why not burn down the power suppliers so you can't turn on video game consoles, since no video games=no violence apparently. Also I like your sig

Well, destroy the desktop unit or the console itself would do the same as well, and thanks very much on the sig!
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