If I were to spend 40$ which 3DS game should I get next?

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User Info: RJP_X

4 years ago#1
I have SML3D, KH 3D, RE:Revelations, and KI:Uprising. I've only had the system since Christmas. I've been thinking strongly about Mario Kart 7.
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User Info: FieldTornOutlaw

4 years ago#2
I'm kind of in the same boat as well..

Got the 3DS XL Mario Kart Bundle and also bought Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Mario Kart has been pretty fun, and the addition of gliders and underwater driving are nice changes, I honestly haven't played it much yet, but what I have seen and read it's great. Including the multiplayer capabilities.

Winding down on PM and looking for my next purchase. It's been a pretty fun game thusfar and I would recommend it, although I've never played any of the other PM games, so there are a lot of haters for the PM 3DS.

I'm torn between my next purchase. Leaning towards RE:R, Ocarina of Time 3D, or even Black2/White2.

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#3
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User Info: gnugget5

4 years ago#4
I own all of the games you mentioned (and have played them all) and I would strongly recommend that you pick up RE:R. It's the cheapest of the games you listed (~$18) and is a really great experience (arguably, alongside KI:U, one of the best games on the system).

In my opinion, MK7 holds the least value of those you listed...but that's coming from someone that's played all of its iterations.

User Info: MageofBlood391

4 years ago#5
Either one are great choices, but I'd go with Zelda.

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#6
RE: Revelations. That game feels like a console game and blows five and six clear out of the water. Of course, I've heard KI: Uprising is the greatest game on the 3DS but I have yet to play it.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#7
Can nobody on this site read? TC said they already have RE:R. It's funny how quick Nintendo fanboys are to spout the same suggestions over and over automatically.

I suggest Mario Kart 7, but not at that price. If you could pick it up for $30, then maybe. I've been enjoying Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, if that's your cup of tea. You could also always go down the eShop route and download 3-5 games with $40.
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

4 years ago#8
I bought tales of the abyss and starfox 3d from gamestop used for about 22 each. BOO YA!
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User Info: Drac_Mazoku

4 years ago#9
Rhythm Thief. Use spare money one whatever else...
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User Info: Gam3r777

4 years ago#10
Can't believe nobody's mentioned Devil Survivor Overclocked. The replay value on that game's insane.
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