You think there will be another 3DS revision this year?

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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#21
abbyhitter posted...
3DS Pro

Built in CPP, better battery life, better speakers, better camera resolution, mid size screen halfway between the regular 3DS and 3DS XL.

thats the only thing they can do but by making more games use the CPP is financial suicide because many if not most do not want a new system and do not want to lug the monstrosity known as the CPP and sales would tumble like no tommorow you never force an addon for more than one or two games you make otherwise your going to fail
Intel core 2 duo E4400 2 GHZ|Radeon 4650 512MB|2 GB DDR2 ram/steam:fartman91/3DSFC:3265-5740-7951

User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#22
probably 3 minimum of 2

User Info: Compass

4 years ago#23
IronMonkey008 posted...
Compass posted...
I think it's likely something will at least be announced this year. Remember, there were plenty of people on here saying an XL was out of the question, completely impossible even, up until the day before it was announced.

I don't remember people doubting an XL, just no one expected the XL to be the first revision. I know I wasn't expecting that.

Anyway it's possible they will announce something this year. However I wouldn't expect a 2nd analog next revision, or at all this gen for that matter.

Oh, they absolutely were. One guy wrote out this big long post about how an XL would literally be "impossible" to make. He had all this ludicrous mumbo jumbo about how the 3D effect would not work on bigger screens, how they just released purple and it would be financial suicide, blah blah blah. All nonsense. All this the day before the XL's official announcement.

I remember because of course I was quick to quote his post and lol at him right after the announcement. And he wasn't alone. There was a lot of this a few months leading up to the announcement. I guess because many people were asking about the possibility of an XL, and others were trying to convince themselves it wasn't going to materialize so they'd feel better about buying the original model.

Moral of the story: people are idiots and will just type stuff to hear the clicking of their keys. Especially people like me who own awesome mechanical keyboards.
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