ok, so if u never owned a NSMB title before, is NSMB2 a good buy at full price?

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  3. ok, so if u never owned a NSMB title before, is NSMB2 a good buy at full price?

User Info: JimmyMimpson

4 years ago#31
ZeroArchery posted...
People only don't like it because we've played all the other ones.

If you've NEVER played a New Super Mario Bros. title, you'll LOVE this game.

I found it the weakest entry of the series, but as I said, that's because of having played all of them and beaten them.

It's just like the second poster said, if you enjoy a good platformer, and haven't played the others, you'll love it. Even better if you download it instead of retail, as you can quick save and do a few levels, then quit, then come back whenever you itch for a quick game.

This. I hate it, due to it being too similar to the others, but on its own I understand it'd be decent.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#32
Denizen_Of_Dark posted...
STE573 posted...
If you are craving a 2D platformer fix then sure, go for it, but if not, it's not a tragedy to miss out on what I consider to be the worst in the NSMB series. The DS one is much better.

Wow so that reward is definitely not worth it to me, no offense to those who want it.

Also, what makes the ds version better exactly?

honestly some people say it's better because they feel it's more unique or harder.
I can unstand the first part but since i perfer my games to be easy i don't get the second part.

i say at the very least rent it,see if you like it then decide if you want to buy.
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User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#33
The main reason why critics give this game a low rating is cause they say it's too much like the other nsmb titles. But, if you haven't played those then you should definitely give this game a whirl.

I own it and I've gotten hours of fun out of it.
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

4 years ago#34
Thanks guys for all of your input!
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User Info: BlueBombei2

4 years ago#35
I enjoyed the game. Coin Rush mode is like cocaine to me when I get a street pass. There is this one guy at College that keeps beating my coin limit and I have to go back and beat it again then it just keeps going.

User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#36
Endgame posted...

NSMBWii is the only NSMB worth playing, the only NSMB where they actually TRIED

"Making new bosses like we did in the DS game is too tough. Let's pave the way for the koopalings to return SO THAT WE CAN USE THEM THREE TIMES IN A ROW."

Anyway, go ahead and get it.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#37
If you haven't played the others GO FOR IT! However if you have a Wii U, get NSMBU instead. Although I hate the NSMB series in general, I love the level design of U, and have been having a lot more fun with it than with the other 3.
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  3. ok, so if u never owned a NSMB title before, is NSMB2 a good buy at full price?

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