Ideas for Gen 6 pokemans.

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#21
Endgame posted...
let's take Miltank, color her a darker shade of pink/magenta, and give her an afro!

why not? they did it with Tauros!

tauros is based on a bull and boufflant is based on a buffalo both BOVINES that look similar but are not.

also if an ice cream pokemon is bad why is a raddish[oddish] and eggs[eggecute] ok?

or jelly[ditto] being alive doesn't exclude something from being eaten if it did we would only eat sand and rocks.
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
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User Info: Human-Bean

4 years ago#22
Cthulu and another fire/fighting starter.


4 years ago#23
Hummle - a bird
Dead to me.
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