3DS Star Points confusion

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User Info: DarKH-B

4 years ago#1
I looked up how many star points you get for registering your 3DS console. They seem to vary. On one thread someone answered saying its 160 for the console and 20-30 for games and the thread was closed because they had the answer. Another person somewhere else said 750 points for the console.

However, I received exactly 1000 star points. What's going on?

Additional note: I have the regular 3DS NOT the XL

User Info: Rock Dash3X

Rock Dash3X
4 years ago#2
Which region are you from? From what I've seen (US here) you get 160 for either 3DS or XL. That's how much I got recently. Not sure why you got so much. Good for you if you got more than normal.

User Info: thedicemaster

4 years ago#3
1000 star points or 160 coins.
noa and noe use different currencies for club nintendo.

Most interesting stuff in Europe costs between 4500 and 7000 star points.
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