Has anyone actually gotten anything from streetpass?

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  3. Has anyone actually gotten anything from streetpass?

User Info: Drgonbxcross

4 years ago#1
Topic. I haven't passed anybody and I've driven all around my town just to test it.

If only i lived in japan : (

I want those damn puzzle pieces!
this one time, i found a pube in my unopened pokemon game
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#2
Even with me getting streetpass it rare I get a new puzzle piece. I know one person who has almost all of them but I rarely get him.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#3
I'm lucky to have an EB within walking distance with 2 employees that have a 3DS. They all have every single puzzle piece and they're both at level 7 so I easily get through Find Mii 2 with just them and that potion to bring them back after I used them.They're also both red colours so their combo attack is very strong.

But yes, I normally find SPs when I go out, and not just from the EB guys. I got 50 from attending a MP9 event alone.
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#4
Yeah I SPs, but Nobody has the last 5 normal pieces, and like 10 pink pieces of the last 2 puzzles.
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#5
I just need one more piece for the latest Kirby puzzle and I'll be done with them all. I'll probably have to wait till school starts up again tho.
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User Info: TronBonne09

4 years ago#6
I guess it depends where you live. I live in a busy city, so I usually get at least one traveling on the public transit system whenever I go to work or school.
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User Info: SS4kronos33

4 years ago#7
i have found that going into various gamestops,targets,toys r us',and even some walmarts will give you a street pass.i have gone into the target and toys r us in my town multiple time and have gotten a sp everytime.try doing that and see what happens
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User Info: huyi

4 years ago#8
it gets tedious having to remember to bring your 3ds XL with you each time only to open it when you get home and get 1 streetpass :( i don't have a lot of gaming shops near me so it makes it harder to get any.
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User Info: calinks

4 years ago#9
Since I bought this in November I got ONE PASS at a movie theater. I have brought this with me to several locations and I take the bus. Nothing. Today I went to the damn Mall of America and thought for sure, I was getting some tags today, NOPE. Not a one. No one has a damn DS on them.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#10
considering how unpopular the 3ds is here in brazil,never.
i never saw someone besides me with one in school,too.
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