Is Pokemon the most milked franchise in the history of gaming?

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  3. Is Pokemon the most milked franchise in the history of gaming?

User Info: DCFanatic

4 years ago#21
Mario for sure.
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User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#22
"Oh, look, a picnic. Think I'll go pee on it."
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User Info: FFmax

4 years ago#23
Lmao! Is this dude serious?

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#24
The better question is who beside you gives a s***? NO ONE.
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#25
DeathSoul2000 posted...
iGenesis topic.
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User Info: Pokeman718

4 years ago#26
DeathSoul2000 posted...
iGenesis topic.
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User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#27
iGenesis posted...
Is Call of Duty the most milked franchise in the history of gaming?


User Info: Xashowd

4 years ago#28
Caissie07 posted...
Call of Duty and Angry Birds would like a word with you.

Seriously. I walked into a Walmart yesterday and found Angry Birds air fresheners, for heaven's sake.

This. CoD games are milked on a yearly basis, and Angry Birds has so much freaking merchandise it's staggering. The latter is milked far more than the former, but I'm pretty sure Pokemon isn't the most milked franchise. I won't deny that it's high on the list, though.
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User Info: fawfulmark2

4 years ago#29
Official Pipo Snake of the PAS board.

User Info: Kokiburi

4 years ago#30
To answer your question: No.

Zelda, Mario , Final Fantasy, have all been milked equally if not more.

Also, yes the main games are similar at their core but the same can be said for halo, god of war, assassins creed, etc. that's why they have the spinoff games which offer major genre changes . Do you somehow call that milking? You should go back in time and complain about the first Mario kart game then.

Tldr: your just a troll but I felt the 5 minutes I took writing this was worth it to show how bad of a troll you are
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