Ages of the people that are buying Pokemon X or Y

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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#21
I will probably buy it at some point. Not sure if that's immediately when it releases. I'll be 28 when the game releases. I skipped all of the Black & White games. Was tired of Pokemon for a while after collecting all 493 in Pearl.
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User Info: BonezWell

4 years ago#22
22 at release.
Please note: The above post may contain sarcasm.
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User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#23

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#24
points to user name.
28 here.
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
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User Info: Haderia

4 years ago#25
18 when it releases

User Info: Kaiser292

4 years ago#26
By time of release I'll be 21
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User Info: Caissie07

4 years ago#27
24. Been playing since red and blue. This has been the greatest announcement ever. I'm going to walk to work happy this morning! :D
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User Info: muffin_mans_bro

4 years ago#28
17 18 when it releases
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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 years ago#29
21 when it comes out

Oh, and I've been playing since R/B. Skipped 4th and 5th gen because I never had a DS until I just recently got a 3DS XL so I'm gonna go back and play them. And then get the new one coming out =D (Most likely Pokemon X, I like the blue more than the red and the flying dragon thing for X looks awesome).

Oh, and Fennekin is so cool! I usually pick the water starter (except for generation 2, cyndaquil all the way) but I think I'll go with him this time around. But for the love of god DON'T let it evolve into Fire/Fighting. I'm so sick of that combination.
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User Info: TMW001

4 years ago#30
turned 23 this month think when I turned 22 that'd stop me ha!
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