Ages of the people that are buying Pokemon X or Y

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User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#451
19 and single ;)
(@_@) Spinda is watching

User Info: XDragon

4 years ago#452
25 and damn proud
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User Info: TheVila

4 years ago#453
29 years old

User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#454
Official Fennekin of the Pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: Kurizaka

4 years ago#455
26! My boyfriend(27) will also be buying one of the versions. A couple of my friends will also be buying it.

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#456
at the very least 17,but it does not appeal to me that much,and i need to finish voltwhite and start black2
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User Info: TheGoddamn

4 years ago#457
22, but 23 when it releases. Pokemon is amazing.

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User Info: so64

4 years ago#458
21. Will be twenty-two by October though.
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User Info: super_clout

4 years ago#459
70, rated E for err i forgot

User Info: dezmomo

4 years ago#460
super_clout posted...
70, rated E for err i forgot

Why did this make me laugh XD
15, turning 16 before release! Pokemon for life!
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