Viewtiful joe game for 3ds?

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User Info: ilikepie641

5 years ago#1
Anyone else want a viewtiful joe game for the 3ds? im currently playing though the old ds game... i think the game would look amazing in 3d

User Info: lornegreenepose

5 years ago#2
Yes! They should release both the gamecube games on one cart.
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User Info: esoteric42

5 years ago#3
I thought the Viewtiful Joe series was over.
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User Info: magx

5 years ago#4
<3 Ninja Gaiden Black! I want Dynamite Cop XBLA!

User Info: JoeHigashi2000

5 years ago#5
That would be to epic for the 3DS to handle right now...
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#6
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