What Would You Like To See In Pokemon X and Y?

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User Info: Kamex

4 years ago#61
Curium posted...
VideoGamer1990 posted...
Kamex posted...
Better filters for GTS.

Like, say, a filter to block all traders demanding a legendary pokemon.

Either that or bloody make it so that unreasonable trades like asking for a Level 100 Darkrai for a Lv.5 Plusle is impossible. Was always tired of trying to find a common pokemon on the GTS only to learn you can only get that one if you have a Lv100 pokemon.

I have to throw in another vote for this. I don't mind the absurd trades as much (since I rarely am looking for more common ones anyway, but I can see why it would bother you), my problem is flat impossible trades. Every time I do a search at least 5 of the 7 results are asking for a lvl 9 or under Zekrom or Reshiram, which as far as I can tell do not exist without hacking.

What is "reasonable" can vary some from person to person (the lvl 5 plusle for a lvl 100 is more extreme then most, but all it takes is one for the trade to happen), but trades that are incapable of happening should definitly be banned.

And I'm not saying that "unreasonable" trades should be banned. I'm just saying there should be an option to have a search filter for it. It's so disappointing that 7 out of 7 search hits are demanding a legendary pokemon for something much more common. It also sucks that you can't get more hits, it's just those 7 traders unless you try to arbitrarily narrow down the search even more, like looking for people in certain countries.

But I'll agree that impossible trades ought to be banned.
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User Info: GabeXorn

4 years ago#62
Spotpass notifications to tell me that there are gift Pokemon being distributed and that my GTS trades have happened.
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User Info: embersback

4 years ago#63
Can't believe I have not seen this yet I want pokemon slots back no voltorb flip and it's on the 3DS so I wanna play as my Mii
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#64
2wingedangel posted...

I like doing Nuzlocke challenges, and GF is already making enough money making two versions with exclusives.

Do you like anagrams?
I just use stormeula for Nuzlocke. I already own the damn game on DS/GBA/GBC.
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
4 years ago#65
Like several people said, Trainer Customization. I've wanted this since Gen III.

A way to change your Pokemon's ability, though for balance reasons it'd just be between the ones they already know (for example, for Dragonite, you can choose its ability to be Inner Focus or Multiscale). Perhaps have some person similar to the Move Tutor/Relearner for this job.

I'd like to see Walking Pokemon make a return, but optional, and the abilty to choose which Pokemon you want it to be, not necessarily the first one in your party.

A varied regional dex, with Pokemon from all the previous gens combined with the new ones. Black 2 & White 2 did a good job with this one, and I'd like to see it return.

Less reliance on HMs that aren't Fly and Surf. If you must bring Cut back, make it so the trees are permentantly cut, like Gen V did for Strength boulders. Maybe make Waterfall a TM instead. You don't need these to keep the player on the rail anyone, Game Freak.

Have the Gym Leader rematches and Move Tutors in the first games, don't wait until the third version to give us these things!

Oh, and Stealth Rock nerfing, of course.
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