3DS vs Vita, is it going to be the same DS vs PSP again?

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User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#31
PSP had a bunch of great games.

The Vita has....Gravity Rush and P4G
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#32
You mean how Nintendo has the support and Sony has the technology? Yeah, it's gonna be the same thing.
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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#33
elken posted...

Below an example of 15 good games for the PSVita, all those games are 'gems". Not even the 3DS has so many good games.


*I own all those titles (except the 2 that are coming soon).

Not everybody knows Japanese, so that means I would have to rely on the game being localized. I'll believe it when I see them in American stores.

Gravity Rush wasn't too interesting
Ragnarok Odyssey was a good game, but had too many little problems, which is why I recently sold it.
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User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#34
Its going to be worse. Thing is the market is getting saturated do to iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. Many developers that would be developing on DS and PSP instead of moving to 3DS and Vita moved mobile and so did a pretty good chunk of the audience who would of bought dedicated handhelds.

What this means is 3DS's total sales will be lower then DS's and so will PSP's. Both systems struggled out the gate due to this, not to mention crappy first year line ups and stupid hardware decisions - lack of a second slider pad, proprietary memory, region locking, and lack of physical backwards compatibility are issues that shouldn't be on any device in 2012 but especially not for hardware companies who have over 10 years of experience, which in the case of Sony and Nintendo, they both have WAY more then that.

While I don't want to be one of the ones who goes around screaming doom to dedicated gaming systems, if they want to stay around, they can't keep making these horrible decisions. This isn't rocket science and if they don't get their act together the market will only continue to shrink.
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User Info: BringerOfPie

4 years ago#35
^ Agreed. Long-time console/handheld gamers don't want to admit it, but mobile/tablet gaming has become more than just a dark horse.

I actually recall the PSP's launch being pretty solid. It was before the DS really came out with any really amazing titles (as great as the DS turned out to be, its first 6 months were DREADFUL) and Sony had lots of momentum. But they quickly lost it as Nintendo gained it. And while the 3DS's start was even more sluggish than the DS's, the Vita came out nearly a year after the 3DS, so Nintendo had plenty of time to fix the ship and get that upper hand before the Vita had much of a chance. But yeah, the Vita's not the only competition now. Mobile/tablet stuff may not be in the same format, but it's competition regardless.

User Info: rktn_odin

4 years ago#36
In my opinion, the mobile (iOS, Android, etc.) is the same platform as PSP, DS, Vita, etc. They are handheld consoles :)

One thing that matter is, a first party game development support from each Sony and Nintendo which iOS and Android will never have.
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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#37

It seems kind of odd that people can consider a system a failure when it's sold over 70 million units over the system's lifespan.

I dunno, selling 70 million of anything would seem like a pretty damn successful run if you ask me.

User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#38
While DS did indeed stand head and shoulders above the PSP I could name alot more then Crisis Core as worth playing. It took a long time, but PSP has a respectable library. That seems to be Sony's M O slow start, strong finish.
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User Info: ShadowRisae

4 years ago#39
rktn_odin posted...
DS pretty much destroy PSP in term of games variety, sales, and JRPG.
The only game worth played in PSP is Crisis Core.

LOL. Crisis Core was terrible. That's the only one of my PSP games that I ever actually sold. I couldn't force myself to finish it either. The story wasn't bad, but I found the gameplay very repetitive and boring.

The PSP is good for RPGs. Also, if you import, there's some good Japan only games.

Anyways... I don't have a Vita yet. Every game I'd actually want on it is not Vita exclusive, with the primary one being Persona 4 The Golden. Just gonna wait for a while for more games to come out that I want.

3DS is slowly building up its library. Considering how big my DS library is, I figured it would be worth it in the long term so finally bought one late 2011. I don't regret my purchase.
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User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#40
rktn_odin posted...
DS pretty much destroy PSP in term of games variety, sales, and JRPG.
The only game worth played in PSP is Crisis Core.

So, right now I am not going to fail again by buying Sony's handheld. This week, gonna buy the 3DS.

Should I wait a bit longer for next 3DS enhanced version?

- No, I don't have much money to buy both of them. At least in short time.
- Yes, I am a big fan of JRPG.

Crisis Core was a terrible game.
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