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User Info: MEFreak1984

4 years ago#31
I'd settle for anything Mega Man RelatedI would like to play BN again. Back when they came out, I had no patience for finding all the chips in BN2, so I couldn't unlock the True Final Bass fight.
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User Info: rideshort

4 years ago#32
Truthfully I want another Star Force. Let a great series remain over. If a Battle Network does come to the 3DS let it go the Mega Man Zero Collection route.
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User Info: zinformant

4 years ago#33
rideshort posted...
Truthfully I want another Star Force. Let a great series remain over. If a Battle Network does come to the 3DS let it go the Mega Man Zero Collection route.

Star Force ended. The main conflict of the series is over. You're asking for a BN4 analog. If they were going that route, we'd have had it already.
And a theoretical BN collection will likely be digital, given the contents of the survey.
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User Info: TheRealMrMan

4 years ago#34
zinformant posted...
I hope you folks realize that, reductionistically, 4 is NOT as bad as folks say? It's popular to hate, but it's only bad in the narrative department. The first, second, and maybe fifth games aren't so hot there, either. To someone who isn't a fan, all six games may as well be the same game (like Pokemon).

Dude MMBN2 easily has the best script out of all 6 games. I'm not talking reductionistically or whatever, it is one of the weakest games in the series and was a massive disappointment.

MMBN1 was great when it came out, but there were so many improvements brought by all the games after it that it's kinda hard to compare to them. Also it's kinda cool that the Net in MMBN1 feels really bleak and desolate, and that the enemies in the later areas can actually pose a threat. It's still boring compared to the Net in all the later games but at least there's something unique about it.

User Info: Alilatias

4 years ago#35
MMBN3 or 6 with online capabilities, please. New entry might work too but I don't see how well that'd go.

I see each MMBN entry as the result of Capcom experimenting with stuff.



The very start of the series. Fairly barebones, very little folder restrictions, and not much in the way of customizing Megaman's stats. Plot progression was solid, though.



Here, they began working on folder structure with the introduction of * codes, although there was little in the way of actual balance in terms of program advance and the attack design of individual battlechips. The problem was either half the game's battlechips were useless in the long term, or Gater/LifeSword3 were just too freaking overpowered for how easy it was to use them.

They also began working on making Megaman's stats more customizable, by introducing the Style system, which conferred a bunch of different passive bonuses and buster changes. But the actual stats for the most part remained static.

The story progression is fairly solid throughout the game, but the difficulty curve experiences a massive whiplash as soon as you reach the Undernet, probably because of the battlechip balancing mentioned earlier. (The game goes from being moderately hard to being rather normal, quickly spiraling into you becoming god by post-game).



The largest leap in folder structure occured here. With the library being split into Standard/Mega/Giga, the folder rules were more or less finalized for the rest of the series.

I think Capcom took a look at balancing individual battlechips and making them more unique, but some setups were still broken as hell. Not quite as badly compared to MMBN 2 though.

The largest leap in stat customization occured here as well. While there was a step back in only being able to use one style change at a time (compared to MMBN 2 allowing you to store two), the NaviCust really allowed players to use wildly different setups for Megaman himself. Now 1000 HP wasn't the maximum amount of HP that everyone could expect at endgame, and you were allowed to have certain passive effects without being restricted to using a specific style.

Story progression and difficulty remains quite balanced throughout.



MMBN 3 was designed with the assumption that the series might end there. Well, it didn't, and MMBN 4 came out. In a way, MMBN 4 is a bit like MMBN 1. It set up a new antagonist while massively changing things from the first three games.

MMBN 4 failed in the story and pacing department. The story was mostly absent, taking a back seat to smaller contained scenarios during each tournament. This was the only game that had a New Game + option, but used horribly wrong - the majority of the game's content and difficulty was split over three playthroughs.

However, I'd say it was successful in terms of the tweaks it made to the battle system. It introduced the emotion system. It rewarded players' timing, and encouraged players to dodge rather than tank for reasons other than keeping your busting rank up.

But the soul system was pretty limiting with its 3 turn restriction, but it was a step in adding a non-static layer of customization to the game. I'd say battlechip/PAs were really balanced in this game too, except for multi-hit attacks triggering Full Synchro chains.

Dark Chips were rather poorly implemented, though. Losing 1 HP every time a powerful Dark Chip is used? Yeah, sure, but is going Dark alignment worth losing the ability to use SP Navi chips, or even the ability to Full Synchro? If I remember correctly, Dark Chips aren't even usable against the final boss.
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User Info: Alilatias

4 years ago#36

This game had decent pacing, and had many allied characters that remained relevant throughout the whole game. Liberation Missions were a rather unique idea for the game.

MMBN 5's gameplay balance was really bad, though. Chip codes were highly restrictive, and battlechips and PAs were very underpowered. Enemies had far too much HP in the post-game, and their actual attack/defense design was very gimmicky (skeletons and apple genies especially). You literally needed specific kinds of battlechips in order to deal with specific kinds of enemies.

On top of that, 5 introduced a Program Advance restriction. You could only use the same PA once per battle. Putting multiple copies of the battlechips needed to preform 1 specific PA was discouraged.

Considering PAs made up the majority of your damage in 5 (as individual battlechips by themselves were WEAK AS HELL in this game), you probably packed your folder full of different PAs. There'd be situations where you'd be forced to use some battlechips of a specific PA by themselves, while waiting for the correct battlechips to show up for the other PAs.

Chaos Unisions were a good way to make Dark Chips relevant in long-term usage, but there was no real benefit to going Dark alignment anymore.
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User Info: Alilatias

4 years ago#37

6 improved on a lot of things. But of course, Capcom would have to get a lot of things right for the final game in the series.

I think this game put quite a bit of focus on the characters. For the first time since MMBN 3, there were enemy operators once more. For the only time ever in the series, all of the enemy characters remained relevant throughout the entire game, even though there were fewer in number compared to the WWW of the earlier games.

Capcom finally got scenario design right. Random encounter rate was eliminated or highly reduced during certain puzzle sections. I literally cannot think of a single scenario in this game that I absolutely loathed doing, while every other MMBN game had at least one scenario that was ridiculously tedious.

(For example, compare MMBN 6's Aquarium's shark puzzle compared to MMBN 5's underwater currents/oxygen puzzle.

With 6's puzzle, random encounters were eliminated while you were navigating through the maze of sharks with a Mr. Prog in tow. With 5's puzzle, it was still possible for you to be interrupted by a fight, while trying to run across a pathway before the current returned and pushed you back. If that happened, you'd most likely be sent back no matter what, AND you'd lose oxygen on top of that.)

The cross system took all of the bonuses from the Soul system and threw out the battlechip sacrifice/3 turn limit. You could use any cross anywhere, regardless of what kind of folder you had, so long as you didn't get hit by a weakness that instantly canceled out your cross.

Battlechip and PA design is rather finely balanced, and just about every battlechip remains viable for use. Almost every kind of battlechip can be utilized in hilariously deadly ways without too much setup.

For one, they turned the formerly useless PanelOut battlechips into extremely useful offensive CrackShot battlechips. The Guard battlechips no longer sent out a shockwave, but an instant burst that made them great for sending yourself into Full Synchro. These changes were treated as mindblowingly brilliant when people were talking about MMBN 6 after it had just released in Japan.

I mean, look at this video, which showcases some of the insane stuff you can do in 6:

The battlechip library was changed. Standard chips now included battlechips that were formerly Mega chips in previous entries. Mega chips consisted entirely of Navi chips. Giga chips are more or less the same, though. Of course, folder rules were changed - the amount of copies of the same battlechip you can have in a single folder now became dependant on the chip's MB value. Everything above 41, even if Standard, was still restricted to 1.

The 1 of the same PA per battle restriction remains, but each individual battlechip can be easily used by themselves to great effect. Hell, there are plenty of tactics in this game outdamaging some Program Advances that don't involve stacking attack + on multi-hit battlechips.

The main gripes about 6 is its rather short length and difficulty being almost nonexistant. Boss attack/defense patterns are rather poor compared to the rest of the series (most of the WWW bosses especially just move around without any form of defense, and have highly telegraphed and easy to counter attacks).

In a contrast from 5, the amount of damage you can pull off in a short time in 6 is far too high for the amount of HP that enemies have. But that could be attributed to how well-designed 6's battlechips are.


There's been a lot of subtle changes in the series, but they've been significant throughout. I wonder how a new entry would work out...
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User Info: ValzacardX

4 years ago#38
Give a game where I can make my own Navi, or a collection and I'm Golden.
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#39
Alilatias posted...

Couldnt have put it better myself
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User Info: Charizard90

4 years ago#40
A new megaman BN would be the best thing that could happen to the 3DS / Megaman franchise / Capcom... It's probably not gonna happen though, so I would be more than ecstatic with a BN collection
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