When is the best time to pick up a 3DS XL?

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User Info: RayzerTag

4 years ago#1
I live in Europe, and I have a 3DS I play regularly on. I would like to upgrade to the 3DS XL eventually, but there's no real hurry. I'm mostly interested in Pokemon X&Y and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Super Mario 3D Land seems nice as well, but I would be okay with not playing it.

I basically have three options:

1. I buy a 3DS XL now and get a free game from club Nintendo (will pick Super mario 3D Land).

2. I buy a 3DS XL + Fire Emblem: Awakening bundle when it launches in April (will such a bundle actually exist in Europe?).

3. I buy a 3DS XL + Pokemon bundle when it launches in October. If there is no such bundle, I will buy them seperately (and maybe benefit from a 3DS XL price drop by then).

So, which one of these would you recommend? Thanks!
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User Info: thatmovingbush

4 years ago#2
The first and third options are a safe bet.
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User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#3
If you go with option 1, you'd better hurry.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#4
depends on what games you like,really.
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User Info: carsauce

4 years ago#5
I hope there is a bundle for Pokemon
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User Info: yankee6903

4 years ago#6
You are assuming:

a) they have these FE and P bundles
b) they arent ultra rare or OP
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