The X and Y trailer inspired me to play Pokemon again

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  3. The X and Y trailer inspired me to play Pokemon again

User Info: raimi_ace

4 years ago#1
Did it do the same to any of you? The farthest I've played was about a quarter into silver when it first came out. Stopped playing ever since. But the trailer wowed me. It looked so refreshing and accessible. So I dusted off my pikachu gameboy and started playing blue again.
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User Info: kickmesign

4 years ago#2
Same for me. It's been over 12 years since I last played a pokemon game (gold). I think what got me is "holy **** this one's gonna be in fully 3d!" My inner child wants to go back to it..

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#3
lemme guess this would be your 3rd time cause you went into the touhoring phase for a awhile?
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User Info: IChangedMyName

4 years ago#4
Oddly enough, I got the PokeFever about 2 weeks ago.

Been playing Platinum, or trying to, for a couple days now. I also bought Black 2 off a friends for 20 bux.

The new Pokemon game has enraged me more than anything..... I don't want to wait, I want that **** now!
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#5
Made my mind up I wanted to play one. THen the next day the Trailer hits and I'm like "WTF" so I went and got SoulSilver. I haven't played since Red on GBC, but yea even before the trailer I was re-excited....Now that is about X 10 as much.

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#6
i've been playing pokemon since so i cannot really relate to this.
The only reason i would quit the series is if it was no longer turn based,and even then i'd still play pokemon ranger and mystery dungeon.
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User Info: ChibiJ

4 years ago#7
Yeah I skipped out on B/W 2 but I know for sure I will be getting this one.
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#8
Same here, kind of. I played PKMN White, but hadn't played one prior to that since Yellow. I thought I was done with the series, but this entry has renewed my interest.

I'm most likely picking it up on release.
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User Info: AceGamer11x

4 years ago#9
yeah, made me get back to playing black 2.
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  3. The X and Y trailer inspired me to play Pokemon again

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