Fire Emblem Awakening Demo coming January 17th.

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User Info: CloudStrife630

4 years ago#1

Nintendo has revealed new information about Fire Emblem Awakening, launching exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on Feb. 4. The story of Fire Emblem Awakening begins in the kingdom of Ylisse and centers on Lord Chrom, the brother of Ylisse's Holy Ruler. Chrom leads the Shepherds, a band of soldiers who defend the borders of Ylisse from Plegian bandits. Players create a custom avatar and play as Chrom's right-hand man who is deeply ingrained in the main storyline. In addition to an immersive storyline, Fire Emblem Awakening keeps the adventure going with StreetPass and SpotPass functionality, as well as downloadable content available for purchase. Newly revealed information includes the following:

Downloadable Content: Maps will be available to purchase and download starting on launch day, and others will be distributed regularly. The first downloadable map will be available for free for a limited time only and will serve as an introduction to the steady weekly stream of additional maps. The additional maps will be offered at different price points. Players with a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening and a broadband Internet connection will be able to access the downloadable content through the Outrealm Gate located on the in-game world map, which will be unlocked after the player completes the fifth mission in the main story mode. The content will include additional information about new class types, skills, playable characters, maps with new storylines and special maps that let players earn more experience points, gold or other rare items.

SpotPass: In addition to content that can be purchased from within the game, Nintendo will also distribute new content via SpotPass for free. SpotPass content will be distributed in the launch time frame and will feature new maps with new storylines, characters and items.

StreetPass: Fire Emblem Awakening players can set up a StreetPass Team and exchange certain game data with other players. The StreetPass Team is made up of 10 units from an existing team in story mode. Players can also edit team names and create custom messages for other players to see. StreetPass characters will randomly appear on the world map, giving players the option to recruit the team leader with gold, buy any weapons or items the team is carrying or battle and win to recruit the leader for free. Like the random battles in the main story mode, the player will have full control of battles in StreetPass mode. Players will also earn "renown" based on battles won. A players' "renown" is visible to other players through StreetPass.

Fans can also try out Fire Emblem Awakening prior to launch by downloading the free demo available in the Nintendo eShop. The demo will be available on Jan. 17. When the game launches on Feb. 4, shoppers can purchase the packaged game as usual at retail locations nationwide. Or they can simply purchase and download the game on their own from the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband connection. Regardless of their purchasing method, the game sells for a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#2
Pokemon generation six! All aboard the hype train!

User Info: D-Aurum

4 years ago#3
yay i needed a good game to pass time with.

User Info: melchiahdim

4 years ago#4
A first party demo on the Eshop that isn't nintendogs? Shocking. Hopefully it has more than 5 plays.

Can't wait to try this next week.
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User Info: KeleenRem

4 years ago#5
Oh my god. Oh My GOD! OH MY GOD!!

User Info: D-Aurum

4 years ago#6
i wish it came out today. whats coming out today anyway?

User Info: UltimateKaiba

4 years ago#7
"As much as I hate getting involved, I hate owing someone a favor even more"-Seto Kaiba
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#8
Demo -30 uses...pass
Not much of potato he said but potato he wrote.

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#9
melchiahdim posted...
A first party demo on the Eshop that isn't nintendogs? Shocking. Hopefully it has more than 5 plays.

Can't wait to try this next week.

We're slowly getting with the times here ;).
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User Info: talesfan215

4 years ago#10
Let me guess. Japan only, like always?
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