Free game. Mario or Layton?

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User Info: LukeyC224

4 years ago#1
I registered an XL console with Club Nintendo and am eligible for a free game but I'm not 100% on which one to choose. Super Mario 3D Land or Professor Layton MM. I played SM3DL last year and liked it a lot but traded it towards Mario Kart and I played a couple of PL games but can't really get into them anymore. Is MM more of the same or does it bring something new to the table?
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User Info: miffie_1

4 years ago#2
I asked this a few days ago (Tuesday). most people said Mario. still haven't gotten the code though. apparently it takes a few days.
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#3
Miracle Mask is the same as the other Layton games. If you can't get into them like you said, then there's nothing about this one that will change your mind. Get Mario 3D Land.
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User Info: LukeyC224

4 years ago#4
Ahh OK. Thanks. I chose Mario because ultimately I think I'll get bored of Layton after 1 play through (if that), whereas with Mario I'll be constantly picking it up and playing..
PSN/GT: LukeyC224. 3DS FC: 0001-3497-9073
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User Info: Swan3624

4 years ago#5
Ugh, Mario 3D Land is so bad. The graphics are so pixelated, and the colors are muted. The controls are floaty and terrible. And the levels are so short and not fun at all.

Plus, the worst part, is the story... there is no story! In 2011, when the game came out, we still don't have a decent story for Mario. Stupid game. Oh yeah, and replayability is nil.

I kid, I kid. Great choice :)
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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#6
You'll like Super Mario 3D Land. The level designs are clever and the game tends to hook you quickly.

Swan, you had me going there too.

User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#7
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User Info: Zero280

4 years ago#8
Mario for sure.
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