ocarina isnt the best game ever made anymore

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User Info: TJSpyke

4 years ago#61
unnamedFer posted...
At least ocarina of time had something to overrate.

Twilight princess and skywards sword are nowhere near the "perfect 10" some reviewers gave them.

I have not played Skyward Sword, but Twilight Princess was a really good game.
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User Info: pbandjames

4 years ago#62
Newave posted...
Ocarina of Time? That wasn't even good when it was new.

In the collective eyes of its audience it was, and that's all that matters for this list. If we always tried to take every single opinion like yours, we'd never have any games become highly rated.

Ocarina should be remembered for how great it was when it when it came out. It's hard to pass, only because of the impact it made. Everything else about it has been done better, but there aren't a lot of games that have been loved so widely at its time like OoT. A lot of those games on the list, I don't remember having as big an imprint. MGS3 feels like it should be higher to me, as I remember a lot of people loving that game and it was an excellent game as well.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#63
GTAV is going to be 98%. Garunteed

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#64
Yeah, but look at the number of reviews. That's pretty unfair.
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#65
For me it never was
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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#66
Ocarina of time was never good to begin with....

that game list is quite miserable too. Anyone who is basing his fact on this would be pretty much not really objective.

User Info: hector1313

4 years ago#67
While MGS2 ranks as the best MGS game, that list is irrelevant.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

4 years ago#68
Mr_Feesh posted...
There are certain things pre-release reviewers weren't allowed to talk about in their reviews.

i must be misunderstanding what you meant by 'paid review' then.

hector1313 posted...
While MGS2 ranks as the best MGS game, that list is irrelevant.

it's not that hard to make a case that MGS2 has the best gameplay in the series. everyone knows how the story was "bad", when it was most likely just highly misunderstood, which all postmodern works are. oh yeah and raiden "sucked", which is just unfortunate opinion.
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User Info: Illuminoius

4 years ago#69
it never was, though

User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

4 years ago#70
OoT never was that good, it was just the first of its kind. The first 3D Action Adventure with lots of puzzles. But it was a mediocre game in almost every regard - even when it was new.

But when I saw Tekken and CoD, I realized that the list is a joke.
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