37 KARMA SPECIAL: Whats your most played thing?

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User Info: Spidey98

4 years ago#1
First off since I havent gotten past 37 karma with my previous 4 accounts I thought I ought to make a celebration. My most played thing is pokemon black 2 with 454 hours
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Black 2 FC: 0992-0446-4997

User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#2
Fire Emblem sacred stones, 900~ hours
Bullet Hell fan, Cave and Touhou lover. <3 Patchouli Knowledge.
Playing: DeathSmiles, Fire Emblem 8, Rune Factory 3, Digimon World Dawn, Tales of Vesperia

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#3
Fungivore, is that you?

User Info: dancer62

4 years ago#4
MHFU 500+
I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.

User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#5
TinyTim123 posted...
Fungivore, is that you?

Oh snap, I never even considered that. If it is him then it's fine but I doubt it's him.
The official Loki of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#6
on 3ds or in general?
on 3ds it depends from week to week but oot 3d has the most time into it overall.
this week i was playing ucb but i always get 10 hours into a game then quit for a week so i don't get burnt out.

In general overall probably my gamecube game but last week i picked up mp1 so i've been playing it alot.

On my vita in general overall i've played ffvii most(because i want to finish it before playing 8 and 9) but last wek i was messing arround with lbp TRYING to make an object similar to brawls falling blocks or donut lifts

so far i come close enough to a platform that turns off it anti gravity in 4 seconds but you can keep it on by staying on it.
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
Pokemon Black 2 [OU rules player] Rosa:4170-2970-6954 PM Me if you add me.

User Info: J_Can_Man

4 years ago#7
Speaking of karma...I feel as if I'm at a good number today, tomorrow it's gonna be something new, I think...

My most played thing, like ever? Hmm...probably Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, somewhere along the lines of 150 Hours.
At least I... Wait... Something... You... insult...
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#8
Runescape, followed by Pokemon if you can count all the games together.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#9
my most played thing? of course its my peni.... pennies yea... I like playing with my pennies
Anime is saved - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWh8i9EY_U
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User Info: Teremei

4 years ago#10
can 38's participate? :P

Gee it's hard to guess. Haven't had any real time sinks. Played 34 hours on Paper Mario to 100% everything. I'm guessing PokemonX is going to be a real, long, time sink for me though. Easily 100+ hours.
last $$: Persona 4 Golden LE, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Harvest Moon ANB
Playing: FFVII (PSN/PSPgo), various apps
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