Any scary games for the 3DS?

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User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 years ago#11
Lord_Frood posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
Do people really find LM to be legitimately scary?

10 year olds, sure. It might have a "spooky" atmosphere like how your yard on Halloween might be "spooky," but it's hardly scary. Scary is such a dumb thing anyway. I want disturbing. Psychological stuff is tons better than "OMG A SKELETON POPPED OUT"

Go play REmake, Silent Hill, or Amnesia then.
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User Info: grans

4 years ago#12
Resident Evil Revelations is the closest you'll get to "scary" on the 3DS at the moment. It's not really terrifying unless you're younger or easily scared by things jumping out at you and grotesque monsters and gore, but it's definitely a horror game and is the closest thing you'll get to what you want on the 3DS. About as scary as any other classic Resident Evil game from the pre-RE4 days. It did make me jump a few times when something popped out I wasn't expecting, so I guess that's something.

If you're looking for more of a psychological horror game, something closer to Silent Hill perhaps, there's really nothing on the 3DS as far as i'm aware that fits that bill. Yet anyways.

Luigi's Mansion isn't scary in the slightest. But it has a really cool atmosphere. It's more silly with some spooky elements here and there. Though it's designed to be enjoyed by everyone including kids and is firmly an E rated game.

Castlevania is an action game with horror themed elements. It again has a sort of "spooky" atmosphere but it's not really scary at all (except perhaps to extremely young children).
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User Info: TheGreatUnown

4 years ago#13
Zelda OoT has some frightening elements.
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User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#14
TheGreatUnown posted...
Zelda OoT has some frightening elements.
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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#15
I was always a little spooked by the last boss of LM. Besides that, it was more funny than anything.
That said, it does have a good horror style atmosphere.
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User Info: Begingame

4 years ago#16
Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D is a fun horror/rhythm game featuring Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, etc.

Unless by "horror" you mean game filled with cheap jump scares.

User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#17
the 3ds does not have any scary games unless you count spirit camera...

RE hasn't been scary since the ps1 era

and lulz at luigi's mansion being scary
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User Info: pbandjames

4 years ago#18
kukingina2 posted...
RE hasn't been scary since the ps1 era

REmake is legitimately scary.
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User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#19
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

User Info: laxnd23

4 years ago#20
pbandjames posted...
kukingina2 posted...
RE hasn't been scary since the ps1 era

REmake is legitimately scary.

Not one single RE has been scary. And don't say that playing on professional or whatever the highest difficulty is called is scary. It's not. Running around with low ammo isn't scary, it's boring, especially when you're waiting to die from the slowest moving enemies ever. Want a scary game? Play Dead Space.
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