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What should be my 1st Mario on the 3DS

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User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#1
I am still getting my 3DS in April but a I havent made my mind up either going Original such as the new Fire Emblem 3DS Bundle or a XL 3DS with Fire Emblem Serperatly

I will have about 300 bucks so I can go either way the Bundle Fire Emblem or the XL Fire Emblem.

But my other question is what should my 1st Mario Game be on the 3DS
New, Paper, or 3D Land.

I am also getting me some used El Cheapo games but this depends on what I will have left after getting my 3DS with Fire Emblem.

Going with DOA Dimensions, TOTA or maybe Samurai Chronicles I should have enough to get me 1 or 2 of these games or maybe even Overclocked.

All the Marios look really good & fun on the 3DS I dont understand the bad press on these games the only bad Mario I have ever played was Mario Sunshine on the Cube.

Also it has been sometime since I last played Mario so my skills maybe alittle rusty since I been into JRPG games lately even more so with Fire Emblem and the new upcoming Tales of Xilla & Ni No Kuni then later with Soul Hackers & Shin IV.

So It will be a nice change of pace from the JRPGs with a nice Mario game to give me a break from those.

So which one is the best most Marios are 34.99 used now.

User Info: d0wner

5 years ago#2
3D Land.
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User Info: MrAntike184

5 years ago#3
3D Land is the hardest and the funnest, but if you like easy games get Bro's 2, but if you like RPG's/Puzzling games get Sticker Star.
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User Info: SamanthaThresa

5 years ago#4
3D Land was really fun and it really brought back a childlike joy in me that I hadn't experience in a while. It was really refreshing for me and I liked the challenge that the special stages had and I got a lot out of it because I 100%ed it and it was just great.

NSMB2 doesn't really feel that special but it has coin rush mode and some people really like that, plus if you know someone else with it you can play local co-op with them.

I haven't played much of PM:SS but from what I can tell it's got that Paper Mario feel to it that we all love. The battle system is new but I still like it. If you want an RPG experience instead then get this.

Either way they're all good games and I hope you enjoy your new system and all the games you're gonna get with it.

User Info: StarmanJunior

5 years ago#5
Get 3D Land.

The other 2 are unplayable.
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User Info: vectorman5

5 years ago#6
The original super Mario bros. is like 5$ on virtual console. The beginning is usually the best place to start.
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User Info: saint35

5 years ago#7
Mario 3D Land for sure.
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#8
3D Land, as others have said. :)

User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#9
Thanks seems like 3D Land is the 1st for me then I will go to Sticker Mario and then later on New Mario maybe Luigi's Mansion.

Still on my 3DS Situation should I go Fire Emblem 3DS Bundle or should I go to my XL 3DS with Fire Emblem as a Cartridge deal.

I will have about 300 in April but right now I am busy getting other games such as Bioshock, MGS, and DMC maybe NI No Kuni the Kiddy Feel of the game is kinda of turning me off and reminds me of Tales of Graces with the Friendship deal which to me TOG was one of the worst Tales in the series. The best to me is Vesperia on the 360.

I got some killer games planed on buying & playing from Kid Icarus to Overclocked to Code of Princess I have alot of catching up to do on my 3DS when I get mine in April.

I figured now is the best time for a new Portable since consoles are switching to Generation 8 later this Holiday they will be very few current gen games made this year also more than liklely will be the final year of big games made for current gen as all focus in 2014 will be on Generation 8.

But it insnt too bad I will still get to play WWE 14, Saints Row 4, Dragon Age 3 and Remember ME on current-gen but I say now is the perfect time to get my 3DS.

Also the Sale of THQ isnt going to effect South Park, WWE 14, Saints Row 4 these games are in the works and will be on time also so will Metro Last Light.

Still cant wait to play my 3DS with Mario, Shin, the new Pokemon X looks good but the graphics look kinda of crappy but then again that is pre-beta of the game and isnt all the way polished.

Also I wanna know more on the port of Dragon Quest 7 and lastly Yugioh WC 2012 Zexal.

User Info: crazyray47

5 years ago#10
vectorman5 posted...
The original super Mario bros. is like 5$ on virtual console. The beginning is usually the best place to start.

What the hell is wrong with today's generation? How could you have never played a Mario game?!
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