How often do the club nintendo download games cycle?

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User Info: OMG_A_PONY

5 years ago#11
Vyers posted...
Punch-Out!! is one of the best NES games ever.

just got this....great game.

User Info: keyblader1985

5 years ago#12
Mr_Big_Boss posted...
look at Club Nintendo, see expiration date for free game, that is when the next game will be available.

Honestly, this.

And to clear things up a bit, any coins you earn expire two CN business years after you earn them. The Club Nintendo year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. As an example, if you bought and registered a game today, the coins you earn from that registration, assuming they remain unspent, would expire at the end of the day on June 30, 2015.
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User Info: SpaceDesperado

5 years ago#13
Thanks for clearing that up, so I was looking at the prizes you get for having an elite status but it seems like i missed my chance for 2012 because of my previous false assumption.

If I get the elite status now, did I pretty much screw up my chances for getting two prizes by not using my revelations code earlier, one for 2012 and and one for 2013? Or would i have never had the option for the 2013 prize if i chose one in 2012?

Also, what are the prizes for 2013? At the nintendo club website it just says 2012's prizes are done with it.

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

5 years ago#14
Each year you must acquire 300 or 600 points between July 1st - June 30th of the next year to qualify for the free gift. Nintendo does not reveal the gifts until after the Club Nintendo year has ended. They mail you the free gift you choose in December. So the 2012 gift that was just mailed out last month was earned on June 30th 2012.

We won't know what this years free gifts will be until mid July.
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