Vita or 3DS and why?

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User Info: MrAntike184

5 years ago#1
Please don't say "Vita's graphics..." Or 3DS's games...".
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User Info: 1upsuper

5 years ago#2
3DS because.

User Info: HeartbreakKid37

5 years ago#3
I would say 3DS mainly because I see nintendo supporting the system much longer then Sony will support the Vita. Unless the Vita takes a pretty big turn theres a good chance it dies out in the next couple years.
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User Info: Empiror

5 years ago#4
3DS because next in line of one of the most successful portable consoles ever made

...also because games *runs*
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User Info: SoaringDive

5 years ago#5
Okay, so we can't talk about Vita's graphics - which is all it's got going for it; and we can't talk about 3DS's games - which is it's strong point.

Pretty rigged question.
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User Info: SamanthaThresa

5 years ago#6
Okay, so you don't want us to just outright say 3DS's games so I'm just gonna go neutral. Really, for anyone choosing it should just go like this: Look at the games currently on the system and the upcoming games for the system and then decide, because that's all the really matters. You could also factor in things like apps and multimedia, but other electronics do the job much better than both the Vita and 3DS.

I guess another really important thing to factor in is cost. The 3DS is much cheaper than a Vita. The 3DS bundled with a game and memory card is around $200. The Vita bundled with AC game and a memory card is $250. A 3DS XL by itself is $200 and for some reason a WiFi vita by itself is the same as the bundle, $250. Note: I'm using Gamestop prices.

In the end, I just bought a 3DS because I liked the games on it. As simple as that. Some people like the Vita games better and that's just them. While the Vita doesn't have as many upcoming titles that are being released this year that I know of, they also have access to games on the PS store including PSP and PS1 games. So just choose whatever has more games you want to play.

User Info: MrAntike184

5 years ago#7
SoaringDive posted...
Okay, so we can't talk about Vita's graphics - which is all it's got going for it; and we can't talk about 3DS's games - which is it's strong point.

Pretty rigged question.

You obviously don't have a Vita then.
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User Info: Genericgamer667

5 years ago#8
3ds, don't know how much longer sony will support the thing, if they can even AFFORD to
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User Info: Jakerific44

5 years ago#9
3DS and because games. What other answer do you want?
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User Info: Monoculus

5 years ago#10
As an owner of both, I have to say you really answered it in your first post - the Vita has superior hardware, though not just graphics; for me it's more comfortable to hold, and the age of smartphones has tricked me into feeling like the 3DS' resistive touch is terribly outdated, even though it works great. But it's hard to deny that the 3DS has the superior library; even excluding DS games, there're some great third and first party games for the 3DS, with a slew of big-name titles in the coming months. While the Vita has quite a few great games, some of the best are ports from other systems - Persona 4, Disgaea 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Metal Gear Solid HD, etc., and most of the good original titles are already 'free' for PlayStation Plus members.

At this time I'd say the 3DS. I love my Vita, but I don't entirely feel like the library of new games justifies the price tag. I'm certain the Vita will get an official price drop by E3 anyways.
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