Why do Nintendo characters become so iconic?

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#51
leopoldshark posted...

Sony doesn't really have a mascot. They do have several fantastic IPs, but none of them have ascended to mascot status. I think either Kratos or Sackboy would probably be the closest to being mascots for Sony, but Kratos isn't as kid friendly and having Sackboy as the mascot would disappoint the older gamers.

It's incredibly sad that this is true. Saying that the Littlebigplanet series is "kiddie" and "immature" is terribly immature yourself.

(Leopold, just so you know, I'm not targeting you with this statement, I'm targeting people who say LBP is immature. I shouldn't have to include a disclaimer, but this is Gamefaqs, and almost anything will be misinterpreted.)
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User Info: pitch_mod

4 years ago#52
I remember watching the commentary on some episodes of Futurama, and the creators explained that when designing new characters they follow a rule that says a character's silhouette should be immediately recognizable. According to them, that makes a character more memorable. Obviously there are many reasons why Nintendo's characters are iconic, but maybe that's part of it? Nintendo games often star characters that could be seen in a cartoon, but many other franchises star regular people like you or me, albeit usually a bit more ripped :) Their silhouette wouldn't be recognizable. I dunno... I think that could be part of it.
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User Info: Estil

4 years ago#53
fuzi11 posted...
Estil posted...
fuzi11 posted...Same more or less with Samus. She is nowhere as famous and well known as Lara Croft.

While Samus was one of the first ( I don't know if she was the first) main videogame characters to be female, she is by far not as famous as Lara Croft. Her most prominent games may have been the PS1 AND the PC (she is not a PS character, many people, me included played her games on PC) but she did not vanish after that. She starred in many more games and had her own movie franchise which, before Prince of Persia, were the best and most successful video game movies out there. Even today many stores in my city have Lara Croft statues in there videgame departement. She is next to Mario and Pikachu one of the most iconic video game characters ever. This is flat out denial to think that Samus is on the same level as Lara Croft. Even if she originated in videogames, she is pretty much the female counterpart to Indiana Jones.

Also she is a sex object and that is probably the biggest reason for her popularity.

So Samus is Wonder Woman and Lara Croft is Indy? I guess I can go with that. And Samus is quite attractive in her own right, though I guess you don't get to see that too often. I still maintain that Samus is the true top female video game protagonist though. Lara can star in 20 movies but that's not the same entertainment medium as games. And again, where was Lara after her peak PS1 popularity? And maybe they were released on PC also but for consoles she was pretty much a PS exclusive, right?
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