I need a new game.

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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

5 years ago#1
I'll rate the games I already own to give you an idea of what I like.

OoT3D: 10/10 (it was my first time playing the game)
SM3DL: 9/10
Mario Kart 7: 9/10
Resident Evil Revelations: 8/10
Kid Icarus: 8/10

I was looking into Paper Mario, but everyone I asked said it was terrible.
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User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

5 years ago#2
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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

5 years ago#3
From: DynamicJumpIuff | #002

i am offended
The universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even ends in the end

User Info: JoeHigashi2000

5 years ago#4
I think I saw it $10 off recently somewhere. Think it was best buy or Toys R Us...
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User Info: SquareSide

5 years ago#5
Try to hold old out for Fire Emblem: Awakening?
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User Info: DarthFloaty

5 years ago#6
People call it the worst Paper Mario, but it still gets pretty praised. Worst of a great series doesn't mean bad.

Otherwise, if you never played Star Fox 64 (as I hardly did), I'd think it's a great game to try.

User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#7
Tales of thwarted abyss and kingdom hearts 3d
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User Info: HowieT85

5 years ago#8
Paper Mario Sticker Star is still an extremely fun game. Most of the complaints comes from the fact that it has some rpg elements stripped away (experience points/leveling up) and replaced with other elements (collecting stickers for your skills/attacks and hp upgrades scattered around).

You do still have progression in the game, your field attacks get stronger as you get more hp (hammer/jump will eventually start to completely kill early enemies) and you open up more skills/attacks as you move along. The progression just isn't as immediately obvious as if it were tracked on a bar with numbers attached. Instead it offers a seamless gameplay experience that's still as long as you'd expect from an RPG (less grinding more sticker collecting/saving).

Some critics complain about being able to get strong attacks early in the game by abusing upgrades. But the thing with that is if you use it once it'll be gone. So those attacks aren't exactly game-breaking (won't even make bosses easy). Plus, it's only upgraded versions of your basic skills, there's many more that appear as you move through the game.

Collecting stickers for your attacks isn't as tedious as it might seem at first. It isn't too different from just collecting coins in any other Mario game. All in all the game flows very well.

Beyond collecting stickers instead of leveling, much of the rest of the game plays out like any other Paper Mario game. I'd give it an 8 or 9/10 and say it's as good as the other Paper Mario games (and Super Mario RPG for the SNES if you wanna count that).
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User Info: RaccoonCity

5 years ago#9
I loved (and tonight finished) Paper Mario Sticker Star. It's really a lot of fun. I imagine you'd like it based on your RPG taste and enjoyment of SM3DLand. Paper Mario has quite of bit of paper platforming, enemy evasion, and really well-crafted 3D levels.

Otherwise I'd recommend Tales of the Abyss based on that Zelda score. TotA is an action RPG.
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

5 years ago#10
I'll throw in my recommendation for Tales of The Abyss as well. I bought it semi-recently and it's awesome.
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