Advance Wars 3DS: What would you change in the series?

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#21
* Every Character has 1 Unique Unit along with there various pros & cons.

* More Varied landscapes to make maps on in the map creator.

* 20 New Characters with Old favorites being unlockable via playing campaign or skirmish mode earning points.

* 2 Songs per character - An option to unlock songs that we want to hear per character. Some old ones had bad music while other's had awesome songs.

* Slightly Longer Campaign or Multiple Campaigns.

* Updated version of the GBA / Dual Strike type of graphhics / Art Style.

* Make it more colorful like the first games.

* Different Game Modes or mini games for skirmish mode / multiplayer.

* Online Map trading Hub

* No Voice acting.

* Tons of extra stuff to unlock by playing skirmish mode or whatever other modes.

* Let us Customize the color options for the CO's.

User Info: GREEN00

4 years ago#22
Some general thoughts/wants,

-High quality/varied OST like Dual Strike

-Keep the high standard in art direction present in Dual Strike. Use real artists, don't hire pornography artists like Fire Emblem 11, 12, & FE13.

-More dynamic and unpredictable battles & mechanics. Days of Ruin can be pretty boring and flat.

-SPRITES. No 3D models at all.

-A happy medium between Dual Strike's extreme CO abilities/supers focus and Days of Ruin's sedate balance.

-Good online play is a must.

-I want a really good map maker, and the ability to save as many maps as I want (ie:SD card ), and let me use these created maps against opponents online


-Rebalance every unit as appropriate

-New units are a must. Days of Ruin added some great units, ie: Flares.

-The game NEEDS comeback mechanics AND/OR surrender mechanics. Cumulativley, I have spent dozens of hours of my life on battles that are impossible for the AI to win after a certain point, but I still need to arbitrarily rout them or capture their HQ. Let the AI surrender or have there be a threat of a comeback. It's broken left as is.

User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 years ago#23
-Keep DoR art style and tone.
-COs. Lots and lots of COs.
-Make the COs somewhat customizable.
-CO system like DS.
-Tag Powers.
-New units and old, re-balanced units.
-Orchestrated OST.
-3D battle animations but 2D maps.
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User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#24
-Bring back all my favorite COs from Macro Land, like Andy, Jess, Grit, etc.

Design Maps:
-100 design map slots.
-Allow Black Hole inventions to be used in Design Maps.

-Bring back Hard Mode.
-Bring back pipes.
-Get rid of Mega Tanks.
-Get rid of silly things like loading COs into units. Go back to the classic CO power style.

-Bring back War Room.
-Fix everything else that Days of Ruin screwed up.
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User Info: Yosuke-Hanamura

4 years ago#25
WiiFan77 posted...
-Bring back Hard Mode.
-Fix everything else that Days of Ruin screwed up.

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User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#26
If they're gonna make a 3DS Wars (Advanced Wars is so inappropriate, considering the name usually should change according to platform, like Famicom Wars, etc), I want the following:

*3D units, environments (why not, Fire Emblem went 3D and it looks FANTASTIC)
*Unit designs along the lines of Days of Ruin (dark and brooding and mature)
*Unlockable old school units (cel-shaded pixel block designs that are colorful)
*New mechanics to go with the 3D environments, like line-of-sight and action point system (where you can choose whether to spend action points on moving or attacking or performing actions)
*Unit veterancy, hopefully expanded (like getting passive bonuses), to give units more "importance" and make the player less likely to throw units to the fodder
*In-field Officers, either injected into a unit or have their own special units.
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#27
permadeath for officers
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User Info: GreenMan1986

4 years ago#28
*3D units, environments (why not, Fire Emblem went 3D and it looks FANTASTIC)

3D units in battle mode could work if they had one team in the forefront and the other in the background, creating two plains and a 3D effect. Arranged like pokemon I guess.

I haven't played Fire Emblem yet but I've seen videos of the battle map and it doesn't look so great. It's just a 2D movement area and units with some generic background 3D (ie. the Lava stages). Also the backgrounds in the battle mode all look very similar with very little variation.

User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#29
DoR style gameplay with the content of Dual Strike would be amazing.
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