I've been saving up for a Vita, but...

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#11
i like both my Vita and 3DS equally but they both lack good games IMO unless youre a super mario fanboy then you're set.

User Info: m0deration

4 years ago#12
If you're a fan of Fire Emblem a limited edition 3DS is coming out bundled with the game. Note it's not a XL though but it's still awesome.

User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#13
I have both a 3DS and Vita and like both.

I have six games on my 3DS. Got 3 games in 2011 and 3 in 2012, so its been spaced out a bit with games i wanted. I have

Lego Star Wars III (only lauch title i cared about)
Samurai Warriors (got it a little later after launch)
Ocarina of Time
Theatrhyrm final Fanatasy
Kingdom Hearts DDD
Scribblenauts unlimited.

I do like my Vita though, and its technology is really awesome, even though the 3D on the 3DS is very cool at times, the Vita is pretty amazing. P4 Golden is amazing, i don't think i could go back and play it on PS2 after since they crammed so much new stuff in.

The only other games i have are AC3 Liberation that i got from the bundle, fun game if you like AC, though a bit glitchy. I also have Playstation All Stars, which i got for free with the PS3 Version. Its pretty iimpressive since its pretty much identical to the PS3 Version. I actually play the Vita version more just for portability .
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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#14
I bought a Vita solely for Persona 4 Golden. I have many other games on it, but that was the main objective. No regrets.

Getting a 3DS XL when Pokemon comes out later this year, may get it earlier if SMT IV drops
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User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

4 years ago#15
jovewolf posted...
Kaze_Memaryu posted...
kukingina2 posted...
1. Resident Evil Revalations
2. Kid Icarus uprising
3. Virtue's Last Reward
4. Code of Princess
5. Devil Survivor Overclocked


Problem with #3 is that the Vita has an arguably better version of Virture's Last Reward (less prone to bugging out and multiple save slots)

Really? I never knew, but if the guy doesn't get a Vita, this version will have to do.
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User Info: Lonerwise

4 years ago#16
Thanks for all the feedback everybody. I did go with the 3DS XL. So far it's been really neat with no regrets. I didn't know the store had GBA games, so stumbling upon some of my favorites like LoZ LA was a neat surprise. I might pick up the Vita later, but it just seemed too pricey an investment to only be interested in one game. Thanks again though everybody. Happy gaming.

User Info: tw1g_007

4 years ago#17
Kaze_Memaryu posted...
kukingina2 posted...

2. Kid Icarus uprising
3. Virtue's Last Reward
5. Devil Survivor Overclocked


Fix'd even more
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#18
I recommend the following 5 games:

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Kingdom Hearts: 3D
The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (a $10 RPG on the eShop that is VERY good)
Pushmo (Puzzle game on the eShop)
Mario Kart 7
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