Are friend codes cross region?

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User Info: MNSpectre

4 years ago#1
Just wondering if they're cross region.

I have a friend that lives in Tokyo that owns a JP 3DS. I don't have one yet, but will pick one up soon. Thought I'd see first.

On a side note, anyone know if Animal Crossing will have cross region play?

User Info: ItemBreak

4 years ago#2
Yes, you can add any friend code from any region 3DS. AC has pretty much been confirmed to have global wi-fi play enabled.

User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

4 years ago#3
Friend codes are indeed cross region. As for AC, I'm not sure as it's only available in Japan at the moment. I would presume it will be cross region, though.
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User Info: MNSpectre

4 years ago#4
I remember the DS version was region locked, so I wasn't sure if they wanted to do the same with the 3DS one.

User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#5
I have a Japanese 3DS and all my current 3DS friends are from either Canada or the US, so I can verify that FC's are cross region.
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