Has the Fire Emblem demo changed your mind one way or the other?

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  3. Has the Fire Emblem demo changed your mind one way or the other?

User Info: king_darks

5 years ago#21
Voker13 posted...
I was really anxious for the demo to come out because I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about, I was even looking forward to pre-ordering it. But after I played the demo, I guess it wasn't what I expected... The story seemed to bore me to death I was falling asleep throughout the whole dialogue and found my self skipping through it all. Although the actual gameplay was a bit better, it's not really my cup of coffee. I know I might be in the minority here but I'll rather save my money for other games that will be coming out.

Sounds like to me you're a little impatient :3
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User Info: Buttery_Toast

5 years ago#22
From: MetalLoki | #003
Yeah, I wasn't going to get it but now I want it.
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User Info: confettistorm

5 years ago#23
+ eargasmic music
+ clean, crisp, detailed visuals and animations
+ great cinematics
+ great gameplay
+ English VA's that are actually pretty decent
+ witty dialouge
+ lunatic mode that that is punishing, head-banging hard

- I thought it was fully voiced during scenes. The grunting and the one word they say during the text bubbles is kind of... strange, but I can get over it.

User Info: Xashowd

5 years ago#24
abbyhitter posted...
You should have had an option for "was probably going to get it eventually, but now I'm definitely getting it"

This. I hadn't really played an SRPG before, so I was interested in a new experience, but not 100% sure I was going to put full priority on this game. But now that I've played the Demo and found that not only do I like the Gameplay, but also the characters, brewing storyline, and possible Character customization (shame that we didn't really get to try that aspect out), I'm hooked. And since I have a (pending) 50 Dollars, I figure I'll get myself a $50 eShop card. I would Preorder it from Gamestop, but I've got a few other eShop games I want, plus some Theatrhythm DLC, so...The card is a smarter choice overall, so I can have a lot more bang for my buck. Make no mistake though, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my next big gaming purchase.
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User Info: Evonfire

5 years ago#25
Yes, I wanted to like this game but I found the demo extremely boring, full of never-ending dialogue, and boring combat. I gave it a chance but SRPGS are not for me.
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User Info: Darkastral

5 years ago#26
I'm probably picking it up just because a bunch of friends are, but I was a bit disappointed with the demo. The character models unfortunately look terrible, and seeing as its the first FE game I've played in years, I'm not a huge fan of all the new additions to combat. I loved how simplistic the series was, and how it still managed to kick my ass.
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User Info: APic

5 years ago#27
I didn't even know that there was a demo. I guess I'll look into that.
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User Info: boring_name

5 years ago#28
There were a few things I wasn't too fond of in the demo, such as the constant "fake" voice acting i.e. the grunting and such and I've never been too crazy about the art style they're going with.

That said it's a day one purchase for me. The battles look fantastic, I love the way they kept the sprite-ish overhead view, and the tactician unit is promising, plus supports are back!

User Info: teamaquashock

5 years ago#29
kalvador posted...
MetalLoki posted...
Yeah, I wasn't going to get it but now I want it.
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User Info: rCrysis

5 years ago#30
Pfft no. It only confirmed my purchase will be well made.
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