March 24 = Epic = Trouble

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User Info: Gogo726

5 years ago#11
March is going to hurt. I'm interested in a ton of 3DS games, and I'm getting the new expansion for FFXI.
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User Info: The_Pig_King

5 years ago#12
I'm buying Luigi's Mansion for my elephant.

User Info: CAPSAR

5 years ago#13
NoNeedF0RaName posted...
Lord_Frood posted...
pikachupwnage posted...
I doubt castlevania will last you 3 weeks. Its supposed to be a 20 hour game.

For grown-ups, 20 hours is about 3-4 weeks lol

This is so true. As a kid/teen, a 20 hour game could be beaten in a matter of one weekend. Now as a married adult with three kids and a fulltime job, 20 hours is probably around a month. I actually welcome the "short" games.

That's all what I'm thinking. The only time i spend loads of time playing now is if I'm home sick.

User Info: elsmitty

5 years ago#14
Takes me about a week to get though a 20 hour game...
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